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This cute setup was a tumblr find


I had been running this fauxcade setup for a few weeks, before deciding to unsuccessfully purchase an arcade cabinet and hastily disassembling it in an attempt to keep my wife from leaving me. But,

I got a new toy yesterday. It is a PVM-1944Q from 1989. Only the RGB input works correctly and also it loses sync if you leave it on for too long.

Spent a couple hours inside trying to improve the picture with the focus knob and convergence rings while thinking about death by electrocution, to mostly little avail.

I had found the sellers old reddit post about finding it abandoned outside filthy, from a number of months ago, after seeing his listing on facebook market. He sold it to me for forty smackers. The guy and his roommate had a bunch of crts in there, a 20L5, JVC pro and presentation monitors, consumer Sony stuff, etc.

His roommate got hype when I told him I used to work for ADV Films and started listing his release collection. Cool dudes, they even carried the monitor to my car for me.

Converted Big Mitsu back to HORI and daisy-chained them together. Need to look into getting another vga->bnc cable to run different stuff simultaneously.


Beautiful studio SVHS deck there!


Thank you my friend.

Thusfar I have only ever used it to record jazz audio mixtapes.


Gorgeous setup Victor! I love your SFC caddy and Sega Sticks too.


u/uriandries’ new-to-him/her Profeel 25/27. Bought from a fellow redditor in Indiana who had listed it a couple weeks ago. Said he gave them the matching speakers, too, what a pal.

Did you know the front panels on these are glass and not plastic? I didn’t. So good.



Last night I was watching episode 40 of Game Center CX - Gargoyle’s Quest II.

In it, Arino’s gaming center visit is to Ayase Batting Center, located in Adachi, Tokyo. I think this episode aired in late 2006, not sure what their production timeline is like.

At around 2:20 we get our first short glimpse of an actual Konami Domy H.V. cabinet in the wild. Two of them, actually, in this run down batting cage lobby. Most of the machines in the center are broken, which Arino lampoons etc.

Remarkably at 5:52 he makes his way to one of the Domy H.V.s which is setup to play Super World Stadium '93. We then get to watch about a full minute of close up, blurry, gameplay on the cab. I think you also might see two more H.V.s as he walks up to the cab, as well.

Fuckin’ cool.

I tried to find the place on Google Maps but couldn’t, perhaps doesn’t exist anymore. I thought I had found it, somewhat in the same general area and perhaps renamed to Umeda Batting Center but on closer look it’s not the same place.





what’s that? looks cool.


redditor u/mikechi_two’s news to me; pvm/profeel-pro cube in FF7


the pair on ebay for a cool $899.00


Know less than nothing about this stuff but saw this in a secondhand shop today and figured this thread might wanna see it




oh shit, what do i need to do to raise this chao


lots more here: http://adelaideretrocomputing.blogspot.com/