OCTOBER 2021 Playin' Spooky Games Thread

I got my PS4 to play Bloodborne and I’ve only played up to Vicar Amelia and then put the game down because…I think I got obsessed with trying to farm Insight and then kind of stopped being interested in it and never picked the game up again?

Well, maybe, I figure, if I start a LET’S PLAY SPOOKY GAMES thread, that’ll motivate me to pick it back up and do a little more specific updates/questions that I’d generally be comfortable with putting in the Games You Played Today thread! And maybe other people would want to do that too!

So play Spooky Games! Post about 'em! Talk about 'em!

I’ll provide a more focused questions because hopefully it’ll help me figure out how to continue with Bloodborne. For main weaponry, I have a Hunter Axe +4, Kirkhammer +3, and a Ludwig’s Holy Blade +4. I know that in most of modern From games, the weapon to use is the one that you feel most comfortable with; do people have any strong opinions about the above?


Ludwig’s is S tier, the transformed R2 and jump attack have amazing range and damage.

Kirkhammer has less range but does blunt damage. It feels like a more balanced LHB. A tier. Both have unique ‘secret’ attacks that other weapons don’t have! If you hit R1 during transformation. Pretty neat.

Hunter Axe I’m less familiar with, it’s maybe B+. I know it has very good ‘rally potential’ (you get extra health back from attacking). Again, amazin’ R2s.

One boss mechanic that’s not really explained is limb breaking. Big beasts like Amelia can be temporarily stunned if you concentrate damage onto one of their limbs. You can sometimes get a riposte at that point, or just wheel around and start wailing on another limb.

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I’ve been vaguely trying to speedrun/no save PS1 Resident Evil so I’ll try to get that done for this thread. (Note: Do not try to kill the giant snake with flame rounds, it does not work at all).


Speaking of S-tier spooky stuff, both Detention and Devotion are available for purchase finally, in case you missed it at the time: https://shop.redcandlegames.com/ .

Detention is even spookier than Devotion IMO:



After reading @Titus 's post and talking to a friend who claims BB as his favorite FromSouls game, I have decided to go with Ludwig’s, partially based on the fact that I’ve done multiple Claymore DS1 runs and a DS2 run with the Greatsword.

The next area is a real bear! Chock-full of spooky spooky stuff that keeps murdering me.

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Downwell is on sale for $1 this week and is low-key pretty spooky



I got the fan-created Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition working on my PC without too much trouble. If you don’t have a PS2 and CRT, I think this is probably the best way to play the game at this time. It looks and plays quite well!

I often think about how the original SH2 actually made use of the Dual-Shock 2’s pressure-sensitive face buttons to distinguish between light and heavy attacks. Astonishing that anybody used that feature. Talk about a dead-end in controller design! I believe this Enhanced Edition just uses length of button press to distinguish between the attacks.

I’m pretty early on in the game, in the apartment building. I’m a little stalled out because I usually play games with my partner, and she can not handle most horror games, let alone something as intense as SH2. It’s funny, she loves horror movies, but something about the video game medium scares her way more. I think it’s a matter of agency, that the player can mess things up and receive punishment for it. In a horror movie the scares are the same for everybody, but in a horror game you are being individually targeted based on your own behavior.


Hunter Axe got me through almost the entire game my first time. Once you adjust to its lack of speed, it’s great. Two handed just chews through things.


also started re1, except it’s my first run

making up for only playing its remake


Ah it’s so good. I played the remake first as well, but the original is better.

Well, the Director’s Cut at least. I don’t know if I could give up my auto aim. Avoid the Director’s Cut Dual Shock version though, that’s the one with the really dodgy music.

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my best friend in grade school had a tradition of always playing SotN around this time of year. i mean idk if it’s “spooky” but it’s kinda “spOooOoOOOoOky,” ya know


i’m playing the original version without auto-aim but i love these games so its fine

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That’s the best way!

I remember when I got RE3 and suddenly had to use auto aim. The entire game was trivialised.

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Been eyeing RE2 on my Everdrive 64 and instinctually assume it’s not as good as the PSX one but might be an interesting curio? Beat the director’s cut and Gamecube remake of the first game but only got about an hour into the second one back in the day.


RE2 can be taken down in like 5 hours. RE1 is slightly longer. But really like how breezy they are. You’re supposes to play them over and over in a way modern games don’t.