First I had to download handbrake so I could rip the episode from my physical DVD, then I had to rip the audio out of the file. And then yes, edit one together myself.


What would a No Rangers Allowed episode be without a pidgin Latin title

Fuckin nothing, that’s what


All this ska.


Hope y’all like magic items

Cause we get some god damn magic items




It’s been… way too long. Sorry. I got sidetracked.

I know I keep saying this, but this might be the funniest episode yet. I cracked up listening to it while editing like four times.


ok so this but without any pants

was the scene

at the First Continental Congress


Balls out for the three-fifths compromise


This episode is so good want to shout it to the morning twitter crowd.


It will probably be the episode I recommend to people in the future if they’re still not sure after listening to the first one.


Thanks y’all. Since I remember being very tired and distracted when we recorded this one, everyone else talked a lot more and I talked a lot less so I am the biggest drag on the podcast confirmed


You can’t say that when “Roll to choke your boss to death” gave me the most embarrassing laugh in a public place I’ve had in a good while.


I think that was the most audibly surprised Tulpa’s ever been so I’ll take it


yeah that episode was truly a group effort.

Tulpa getting stuck in Jokkmokk mode momentarily just about killed me.




Y’all don’t even know what’s happening

One of the results of my tragic failure to timely edit episodes is we’re like four sessions ahead of what’s been released so we all know a bunch of things that happened that y’all don’t. It’s not fair.


Very Unfair!