That’s right, people.

Poop crimes.


This episode is so stupidly good!


It’s definitely stupid I’ll give you that


No way this is the smartest dnd content on the internet


I think this is less an endorsement of the show and more an indictment of dnd content on the internet


I like when shrug sang and also when myles got a drink and also how gary is the only real player




what did i ever do to you??

what does that mean


Sorry if I spelled it wrong. Venn is an incredible character and I chuckle just thinking about him.

Secondly, gary seems to be genuinely “playing the game” at times. Whatever though, I’m a fan of the show and please continue.


I’m just messing with you (Ven only has one ‘n’ though :wink: )

I don’t know how gary is “playing the game” differently than the rest of us though?


Ven should add an “n” to his name to be totally goth.

Gary just seems to be the only player concerned with “game logic” in a consistent manner. I like everything you all do but this is a fact.


gosh, I’m such an asshole


This was the episode I realized I do not create memories, I did not remember we were looking for a fire giant necromancer at all but talk cogently about it in this and earlier sessions

Ps just remembered I like gathering oral histories so hopefully we come back around to the people we’ve trapped in holes and hallways so I can write their scandalous tell-alls, I’m sure they’ll be in really good moods


That’s one of the big things separating this podcast from others. You care about stuff!


its good that someone cares at this dnd cast

Well, I do care deeply I just also don’t remember deeply


capcom manticore:

Rope Son:


Forcing you to play into the wee hours of the morning is the kind of early-Oprah sadism that produces Premium Content


as a morning person I’m always impressed when it has that effect on anyone, trying to keep any kind of standing commitment that cuts into my sleep would just make me increasingly cranky and unamusing


“Morning people” are mutants


look this neurochemistry here wasn’t primed to be interesting in any way and I’m already spiting it at every other turn