I really enjoyed this episode. The basis of the game is so silly and weird. I kind of would like to try it myself. Man, I had a few belly laughs at Onan’s antics. Well done guys.

What’s the name of the song at the top and bottom of the show?


It’s kind of a bad game! Very messy for all its simplicity, and the book is poorly organized/written. But I liked the dynamic of characters playing one another’s wielders and potentially being at cross purposes/the fact that it was about material objects with wills/that it seemed like I could foist a lot of time off on to the players while I thought about what to do. Also: I thought of a terrible joke to go with my setup, so it got me over my fear of gming.

The song is “You Shouldn’t Do That” by Hawkwind.


I played so much of that song. I love that song. I’m glad you picked it as a theme song.


I have listened to the first episode.




I’m glad you saved me from the responsibility of editing my own nonsense game!

thank you


I don’t know if it’s just me but these just keep getting funnier


the revelatory artwork discussed at the tail end of the latest episode

that xeno has no idea what to do with an owl!


brb, haranguing tulpa to somehow let BJ have an alien slaying owl familiar


@VirtualClint Your music selections in this episode you edited are incredible but you are literally playing a pipe and frequently reference the dank wizard Lemonskunk and you didn’t use already-official No Rangers Allowed theme song DOPETHRONE by ELECTRIC WIZARD??


OHHH so that’s the song you used. Your musical choices are always spot-on and I only know what 10% of them are.

I’ve been building a playlist of Shrugtunes for editing, mostly from the Digital Abyss/Digital Void mixtapes that Ella Guro has put together. My plan was to use mostly video game music that had really weird vocal samples, but I only ended up using one in the first episode. Expect more weird VGM.


I really loved using Rockall for my pride of raccoons though, that’s happening again for sure.


Those are good racoons


Thank you Clint, you lovely human being, for being the only human being who actually honestly believes this


what can i say, i like progressive dad rock, very long jazz songs, and the captain falcon theme song from f-zero gx


You forgot funk, the King of Genres


Still proud that my contribution to this thing was suggesting that Falcon song because it rules.


The only time I’ve ever played the same song twice in one episode (except the theme)


I feel like we are having more fun with every episode. In this one, shrug gets to talk about war crimes, so he has fun too.


Wow the Discord update made these libsyn links wack as hell