Neko Case appreciation station


She is my favorite musician ever of recent living times and this is just a topic to gush and share our favorite Neko songs.

New Pornographers + I Wish I Was the Moon were my joint introduction to this amazing lady. She’s my idol. i aspire to be as cool as her when i grow up. and as good a singer in the next life.

PYF Neko Case songs and Talk NC 2 Me.

shoutout to this photograph

shoutout to Discourse for making this kind of thread SUPER EASY.

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Neko Case: not an anime band

For the longest time I assumed otherwise and never actually checked up

Sort of a Kirsty MacColl vibe? Probably just the hair


Extremely topical as I have had snippets of Middle Cyclone stuck in my head since I listened to it on the train on my way home for Christmas.

Her voice is just… so clear, so powerful! It’s like a bell! Sometimes she sings in music that should be maybe be played quietly but I must play it loudly so that it just rings in my head.



I’m going to see Neko in concert this week and i’m ecstatic even if it is on a Wednesday nite


this totally ruled
Neko’s voice is 100% as amazing live. Actually it’s even better because you get to hear her fill up a theatre instead of just your headphones. Also, she’s hilarious! Stage banter was consistently on-point. She and her band (a trio of elder beardos) were touring for their boxset, so i got to hear a nice selection from all her records. Excellent show, i’d see her again in a heartbeat.

Fun story, i used to work at a grocery store and Neko went through my line once. I liked the New Pornographers at the time but wasn’t familiar with her music yet, so i just knew her name. Still made a O_O face involuntarily when i saw it on her receipt. she saw my expression and gave me an awkward smile. We didn’t talk or anything though.
If i could go back to that moment i wouldn’t change anything i did because i don’t like hounding musicians/celebs, i’d just appreciate the moment more.
(Okay i might have at least given a weak “i love ur music”)

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i’ve listened to a very minor amount of the new pornos and practically none of neko but i will say that her voice is rather nice. i like her country inflection a lot. her melodies are cool, i like how nimble they are. it’s a big contrast to a lot of country-oriented-yet-not-quite-mainstream-country stuff. take lady antebellum for example. such uninspired, limp melodies. there is literally only one good element of lady antebellum and that’s some of their jaunty guitar/mandolin licks

oops i’m ranting now

the piano in margaret vs pauline is dank


i <3 “Margaret vs Pauline” 5ever

i haven’t really listened to a lot of alt-country (?) stuff tbh i didn’t really know what to classify Neko’s stuff as for awhile. you should totes listen to more of her and the New Pornos (Mass Romantic is my shit)

Thanx 4 reminding me this thread is here im gonna spam it up with more Nekosongs now


shit this is really nice. I had a period where I listened to a lot of TNP and I had no idea Neko Case was associated with that. thanks for this thread.


what the fuck neko case is her actual name

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