(Mikey) Brick AF (LEGO posting alone)



Did someone invent their own classic space-style LEGO team? Because that is literally the coolest fucking thing I can fucking imagine.


It’s inspired by the ancient Blacktron sets (their original color scheme was black and gold).


Ah, I feel the fool. I’d forgotten about Blacktron I. Had a couple Blacktron II sets.



Like mecha, speeder bikes are evergreen


purists look away



I’m actually coming around to the opinion that speeder bikes are the #1 most awesomest things you can possibly build with Legos

Hugest Wipeout vibes


Jet Moto


Its interesting they built the person. A Lego Technic person is probably about the same size. But I guess its a robot.


the technic people aren’t hot enough obviously



As awesome as that is, and how awesome many other sets on Lego Ideas are I find it so frustrating that so many people are obsessed with “Established IP + Lego”


Yeah but you want a Millennium Falcon


Not as much as I want an AT-AT ok


I will now double down on my hypocrisy by posting someone’s sweet rendition of Tigress from Kung Fu Panda


do you know what the claws and eyebrows are from?


There are tons of sets with pieces like those now so hard to say for sure off the top of my head


heres one