(Mikey) Brick AF (LEGO posting alone)


they lego’d my eggo!


i really love how thus is a big impressive original creation that perfectly fits into an actual lego theme (1993-4’s ice planet 2002)


Best lego series

I had this cool lego magazine that had this long comic about this big lego battle on an ice planet. I think it was pretty formative!


I think little Mikey’s urge to come up with detailed histories for all the factions of Lego Space at the time is definitely where my aspirations of writing stories started.


By LokiLoki29!? @loki

For some reason when I try to link a Flickr account I just get an embed of one of the pictures from the account.


not me!


The inside of my heart looks like an Ice Planet 2002 scene, so this is making me feel so good.


Also L the fuck OL at them picking 2002 as the far flung future back in 1990something


Yeah what was with that


I just improv’d the heck out of some epic sagas as I played with the sets. Including on-the-fly epic twists and switches of allegiance lol







Suddenly I wonder why more dragon designs don’t have beaks


I had this set when I was a kid!

That helmet was so cool.


oh my god this is so fuckin goooooood oh my god


I know, I could die


now i’m looking for castle sets I had as a kid

they called it the “viking voyager” look at the lies I was told as a child oh woe


was LEGO trying to teach me… to be a cop?!


or to… cart maidens?!