(Mikey) Brick AF (LEGO posting alone)







this person does lego transformers and some of em are pretty well done




This is disgusting. Wow.



Haha, wow. His tail bleeds!


I love this microscale architecture stuff So. Much.


I do it for you (and also for me)


It’s Real Life SimCity


i wonder if it’s possible to have some kind of real sim city.

probably not, i can’t figure out how that’d work at all. any player would obviously just build whatever they wanted out the bricks they had.

but you could probably have bricks that can form a part of a circuit and have tiny leds in them, and the bases could have some kind of small computer in them for control? so you could have a microscale lego city with lights programmed to turn on and off at certain times.

it wouldn’t be a playable game, but it’d still be really cool.

hmm. maybe a real bricks lego city game could work through the use of some kind of “happiness score”, whereby you build tiny cities that fulfill all their inhibtants’ needs, and laid out in such a way that those imaginary inhabitants can access what they need. then the computer, in the base like in the lighting idea, would measure all this stuff with a complex system of algorhythms and give you a score based on how happy the theoretical inhabitants of your tiny city are. and you make little tweaks to try and improve that score.


That’s pretty much what SimCity already is! Except a huge part of the game is the fact that you zone and the simulation builds by itself for the most part, in fact the success of the AI building is your feedback mechanism, it depends on how well you plan out the parts of the city you’re responsible for building yourself. So there’d be no way to replicate that dynamic. But you could make a simple version.


as i recall Sim Town is exactly this