(Mikey) Brick AF (LEGO posting alone)

why would it?
“legos” sounds weird and jarring. i never saw or heard anyone say it until a few years ago, so i assume it’s some weird forced joke thing or a reference i don’t get or something?

lego is a mighty raw material like oil, stone, wood

no pluralising

it’s an(other) atlantic split this issue

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The LegoTM company dictates that it shall never be pluralized and they shall only be referred to as LegoTM Bricks.

Likewise Adobe decrees that photoshop shall never be used as verb, and urges it’s loyal peasants use the phrase “edited with AdobeTM PhotoshopTM” instead.


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Damn, the new board software doesn’t allow for ironic hashtags.


you have to escape the # by putting a \ before it

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i always said legos, i think it’s an america thing yea

this was the best lego series

now let’s be really cool and do math(ematic)s vs math(ematics)

As a person who is very enthusiastic about Lego these sets are exciting, particularly because a lot of the pieces in these sets are in uncommon colors.

They’re also gunning for Steampunk $$ this year:


And here’s something else just for funsies:



That chickenwalker rules. Because it is someone using normal bricks creatively to make a thing yay

there is (or was, at least) a dedicated “making mecha out of lego” community on 4chan’s /toy/ board, back when i used to go there many years ago. the whole concept really became popular when lego made their anime-esque cash-in “exo-force” theme, that was entirely about building mecha, and obviously, provided much more appropriate parts for making and attaching limbs and joints and stuff.
also the minifigs had silly pointy anime hairpieces

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The absolute silliest.

The exo force stuff always left me feeling kind of torn. Fancy parts for the purpose of building Lego robots isn’t necessarily bad, and yet I always found much of the fun making lego bots as a kid figuring out just how I would engineer my available pieces into moving robot limbs. I think I utilized the arched swinging “wood” doors from a medieval set for some limbs one time.

what’s the best way to sell LEGO from my childhood?

Had (and loved!) this set as a kid (still do, I guess…)


I’m convinced sets in this series served as inspiration for Outlaw Star

I had the submarine from that set:

It was dope as all hell.

i actually got my internet username from the Spy Shark set, the spanish translation on the box was “tiburon espia”

I had this sweet early '80s Lego book that had plans for a bunch of weird ass projects like tea sets or non mini-figureTM scale rooms and furniture. I wonder why the company never went further in that direction. Those tiny but expensive architectural sets and those off brand micro block things are really the only things that have had the same feel since.

As far as possible name origins go, A+

Why were the Scubamen harvesting tiberium underwater?

The architecture sets’ price:dopeness is not great! I really liked those little machine kits they have in their education line - I’d imagine nowadays they’re pretty serious with Arduinos.