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Now that pretty much every fighting game dev has been shamed into using the “Legacy Controller” driver the Skullgirls folks commissioned, you probably don’t even need to replace the board again to keep playing on PS4. In some games, like ASW’s releases, it’s arguably superior to playing in “PS4 mode” because your Select button still works for training mode reset instead of taking screenshots.

It’s a good time to buy a high-quality expensive controller exactly once.


my stick is a 360 stick though, so I probably have to do something fancy to get it to work on PS4. works fine on everything PC though. that’s good enough for me.


Oh, yeah, you probably need an adapter for those. The ones that are out there are pretty reliable*. If you got an old dual-mod done back in the PS3/360 days, you’d be covered, though.

*You need to download firmware updates every once in a while when Sony updates the system software.


Yeah, the gates aren’t expensive at all in my opinion so I’ll probably do just that.

Yeah, that’s a good argument. I might as well just shell out for a good one instead of buying a cheap one twice.[quote=“geist, post:167, topic:250”]
I preordered

say whaaaaat?


man street fighter iv was like the only game I wanted. I was waiting for that shit since like alpha 3 ok


I’ll also say that the difference in feel between sanwa parts and something like horii parts is huuuuuuuuuuuuge, at least to me. the stick is more important, but even the buttons are night and day. my stick (the original madcatz sfiv stick) is 8 button with two hori buttons for the shit you’ll never use for some reason and if I ever touch those two buttons I basically feel violated


That much of a difference, huh? I thought that to me as non-arcadeplayer and non-connoisseur of sticks and buttons I’d probably be happy with whatever you gave me. But maybe not!


It is not that much of a difference (also the new Hori Hayabusa stuff is just as good as anything else). Builder’s grade B-tier Hori stuff from the PS3/360 era is totally usable.


i’ll say that the midi controller I use (the MIDI Fighter 3D) has sanwa buttons and it is The Dreamiest

I essentially stopped doing gameboy-only music so I could play with it


Oh. Oh I see.


It is a physical turbo add on. You roll it against the floor and it mashes fast.


Anybody here use a trackball mouse for gaming and/or everyday computing tasks? And if so do you recommend a particular one?


I don’t but I looked into trackballs and everyone suggested the current logitech wireless trackball.

edit: link

also, the other trackballs look really good, too. I imagine they’d be better for super monkey ball.


Is the dual-analogue for a specific game? Normally I find N64 port to, say, GameCube mildly distracting because the C-buttons map well but not perfectly to a right-analog stick.


I’d imagine it’s for Goldeneye’s dual analog mode?


I’ve used a logitech trackman marble( for everyday computing tasks for the last 7 or 8 years. I don’t usually use it for gaming though.

I switched to a trackball for ergonomic reasons and prefer this model to the one with the trackball under the thumb.


I used one of these for many years as well, though it is quite big and may not be a good fit for all environments. I have also used a Kensington Orbit which is smaller and also works quite well.


Mildly related - are there apps that turn android phones into input devices for PC? I’d really be down for a trackpad or virtual trackball situation when I just have my laptop or phone. I’d also be interested in apps that turned phones into game controllers…


Yeah, there’re a bunch. Haven’t tried any yet, but it’s something I looked into a while ago for some reason I can’t remember.


Hmm. Maybe it was was when I was looking into how they’re used for MIDI stuff.