methods of input


ferrets droppin’ the knowledge, damn


yeah its frustrating that this doesn’t come in the manual


UPDATE: it does! Specifically for the Bluetooth version of the pad:

I’ve been trying the d-pad mapping combos on my 2.4g and unfortunately it looks like it doesn’t work. I do get a red LED instead of a green one if I connect to my PC with Start + B though, but it still registers as an Xbox pad.


Whoah, now that’s interesting. I wonder if the API layer from the controller added enough of cycle that they cut it to get the latency as quick as possible on the 2.4g version.


Yeah, I thought there might be a remapping option but when I looked at the firmware updates for the 2.4g version I didn’t see anything mentioning it. Hopefully they’ll add this to a future 2.4g firmware update.