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ferrets droppin’ the knowledge, damn

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yeah its frustrating that this doesn’t come in the manual


UPDATE: it does! Specifically for the Bluetooth version of the pad:

I’ve been trying the d-pad mapping combos on my 2.4g and unfortunately it looks like it doesn’t work. I do get a red LED instead of a green one if I connect to my PC with Start + B though, but it still registers as an Xbox pad.


Whoah, now that’s interesting. I wonder if the API layer from the controller added enough of cycle that they cut it to get the latency as quick as possible on the 2.4g version.


Yeah, I thought there might be a remapping option but when I looked at the firmware updates for the 2.4g version I didn’t see anything mentioning it. Hopefully they’ll add this to a future 2.4g firmware update.


I don’t own an SNES Classic, but I did a little digging and learned that people have called Nintendo reps before claiming to have “lost” one of their controllers and getting a replacement for $9.99 (closer to $17 with shipping and taxes).

So I did that.

I’ve got a Magic-NS that should work OK for connecting to the Switch so long as I’m willing to hook the SNES pad into a Wii remote, but I’ll probably spring for the most well-regarded USB adapter, which costs roughly twice as much as the controller itself.

If this ends up not working for Mario Maker 2 I’ll be sad, and then I guess I’ll emulate stuff.


So it turns out the Raphnet USB adapters aren’t compatible with the Switch (as confirmed by the Raphaël Assénat himself), but their Classic-to-GameCube adapter does work through Nintendo’s official GameCube™ Controller Adapter. 8BitDo also has a wireless adapter as well as a Bluetooth mod kit.

None of these things seem much better than going through the Wii Remote and Magic NS, but I want to believe somebody someday will come up with something that is.


did you know that, I think, basically all of 8bitdo’s pads work on the Switch?


I can’t tell if those are any good. Pretty much every positive retro controller review I’ve read is “This is the best controller ever; D-pad’s a bit iffy though” and that doesn’t square.

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What is that?


i have no idea! but the frog in the middle looks like the seaman logo?

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Twitter is saying it was released for a PS2 port of Seaman?


It sure was.


Got that SNES Classic controller. GameXplain says Mario Maker 2’s controls are configurable so I should be all set on that front. And of course I had to take a bad phone pic and upload it, even though I understand everyone knows what an SNES controller looks like. Please bear with my low-budget midlife crisis.


The Wii U compatibility for this setup (attached to a Wii Remote) is pretty meh. I can play NES/SNES virtual console games, Kart 8, and the original Mario Maker, however NSMBU doesn’t recognize it at all, and certain games, like 3D World, are unplayable because they want ZL/ZR.

Everything on the Switch that does not require those specific buttons or the right stick – including most indies and their NES emulator – works through Magic NS (the remote adds plus, minus, and home).


I’ve always been kind of baffled by the array of controllers that Nintendo expects people to plug into a wiimote tbh

it’s the equivalent of the upside down charging mouse


You can trace the logic but knowing that the classic consoles launched ten years after the Wii (and four years after the Wii U) doesn’t help their case much.

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I picked up one of those wired SN30Pro controllers. It feels pretty good! I’ll have to see if the L2 and R2 buttons are analog (I doubt it!), but even for having the analog sticks kinda cramped into the SNES controller format it’s still comfortable.

Just dunno about the X and Y buttons being the same shade of purple. It’s more uniform but it just isn’t right :frowning: