methods of input


You can already use TrackIR for stuff like this, but I guess it’s not integrated into headphones


new retro bit saturn pad works with ps3 but not ps4 which i believe is not surprising

is the fact it fucks steam up for me a surprise?


what does it do to steam

I bought one of these things from some sketchy website that immediately charged for a preorder. it hasn’t shipped, because of course it hasn’t shipped.


Speaking of Saturn pads, has anybody tried this one? I’ve been eyeballing it for a while


I like it and I think @notbov does too


i’ve been in a controller crisis for the past few months. i use my saturn pad to play FGs but it’s got a busted d-pad, and rather than try and fix it or get a new one i would rather try a modern alternative that was built for PC use. so this seems like a fantastic option to me as long as the d-pad is like, good and usable for fighting games and other such high-action formats

and also input latency is a concern, considering the track record of USB controllers with cross-compatibility having inferior response times


There are two versions of the controller: 2.4g and M30 (bluetooth). I have read the 2.4g (custom wireless, with dongle) has much lower input latency, something like 5ms vs 20ms. I’m not blind but I can’t tell <60ms apart and the bluetooth model I have hasn’t bothered me.


I use the 2.4 GHz wireless version on my Genesis and it’s perfect. As BustedAstromech mentioned above the bluetooth version is laggier, but its otherwise pretty great.


i dont fuck with wireless outside of ps4 in the living room.
i most use ps1 to usb adapters for most games and genesis to usb adapters if i dont need as many buttons.

I really wanna put microswitches in a pad. im not sure if i should try to mout full size sanwa units (gotta cut square holes) or little mouse switches. im not using my sega pads as much now that i have a good sega stick but the rubber cups are all starting to get soft. i have areally nice all mechnical “fighting pad pro” which i love but the little clicky stick isnt good for small taps as a pad.


cant get the second pargraph out of that weird box

apparently 4 spaces at the start
of a line gives you a weird box.


Which PS1->USB adapter do you use? I bought one and it’s really poor (easily >120ms latency), so I’ve gunshy


Are there any decent N64 controller solutions for PC?

Should I chance one of these dodgy ass $10 controllers on Amazon, or buy a MayFlash adapter and hit up a retro store for an authentic controller that hopefully doesn’t have a lousy analog stick, or?


retrobit has some hybrid-ish thing coming out next month that swaps the analog and dpad positions and drops the middle handle




It looks like the hori64 pad and that’s fucking dope


that sonuds awful. how am I gonna play mischief makers like that??

or bangai-o??


on the Dreamcast, obviously

I am well aware that the two versions are very different games, please don’t hurt me



my beautiful, wonderful and amazing friend got me this. it comes in a cute little matte box

the controller feels appropriately weighty, and the d-pad feels nearly indistinguishable from the saturn one. I can’t wait to try this out in fightmans


some long time ago you could look up lists comparing adapters for the purpose of connecting dance pads

they specifically included input lag measures because it’s so important in rhythm games

so maybe google that and wonder how to source ten year old adapters