methods of input


I’ve used wired xbone and 360 controllers w android


the dreamcast controller is the worst controller ever made. or at least the worst official controller


I am a twisted monster and the Dreamcast controller fits my hands like a glove

This is why I like the Steam controller, it’s like a fat DC pad


I’ll say it’s definitely the most disappointing controller. I think the basic shape and layout is okay, and with some better contours, six face buttons and a traditional Sega-style D-pad it would have worked. Sadly, it came out as the Saturn 3D pad’s inbred cousin.

I wish this converter worked with the XBONE pad, given it’s the natural evolution of the DC pad.


it’s also responsible for each OG Xbox controller having two memory card slots for no reason at all




it’s so you can have a memory unit and a headset plugged in at the same time

have some imagination


Stowable Home Cockpit

Hard to the core


Disguising your power level



Also found this cursed hell artifact



snes modem controller


so the jaguar pad, basically


need to check how much these go for, they are perfect for MiSTer





Found a pretty cool SNES 3rd party pad today. Managed to clear SCV4 with it, so I’d call it a winner!


Convex buttons are correct.


Haven’t put it through all of its paces just yet (there’s a whole mess of dead zone configuration and trigger actuation you can calibrate), but the Astro C40 probably has the best D-Pad I’ve used on a PS4 controller.

Only two buttons on the grips, but they’re big and meaty and easy to hit. Need to do some jumpin’ and shootin’ in Apex to test them out.


Cleaning out some bookmarks. Thought this would be of interest. I’d love to be able to lean in FPS games by just tilting my head.