methods of input


The worst 8Bitdo controller is apparently the N64 pad they did in collaboration with Retrobit, which, hmm.

I can crack open one of those 8Bitdo Genesis pads soon and let y’all know how they physically feel. Won’t get to see how they operate until my Mega Sg ships in a month or so.

That said I’ve also got one of those 8Bitdo USB adapters so…maybe that will work? Or do these pads not use Bluetooth?


I’ll also just remind everyone here that getting an original Saturn pad plus a mayflash usb adaptor is a perfectly reliable and not exorbitant option if the native usb ones don’t turn out well or remain expensive


The ones for the Mega SG are not Bluetooth, but a Bluetooth version is offered.


You’re not wrong, but those pads have a shelf-life too. Though ironically I would guess that older tech will actually last longer than most of our newer tech.


I own two 8bitdo SFC controllers. One is absolutely perfect, and the other has a vague d-pad.


Yeah, this is an issue that’s pretty widespread from what I can tell, but the fix is apparently buying binder re-enforcement stickers at an office supply store and putting them around the contacts for each D-pad direction


Doesn’t 8BitDo stuff have heaps of input lag too?

The clicky shoulder buttons were my least liked part about the original Saturn pad (that and maybe hitting diagonals too easily in Elevator Action Returns) so that sounds like an improvement to me.


I honestly refuse to believe that the entirety of the retro gaming scene would be going gaga for 8bitdo if their controllers had significant input lag. The only reports I’ve seen have been when playing on Android phones, which leads me to believe that Android has a shitty Bluetooth stack, not that the controllers have any issues themselves.


I have a couple of those 8BitDo DIY kits, a SNES one and a NES one. There’s noticeable input lag in windows, the d-pad is weird about diagonals, and you have to press the buttons way too hard for a press to be registered for my taste. It’s a shame because it’s SUCH A COOL IDEA.

Also if you ever have a problem with an 8bitdo device, you’re better off contacting a spirit medium than you are their support channels. The support page on their website might as well just be a big marquee tag saying “get bent”


There have been measurements on windows that put it at, say 50ms-ish for an xbox controller and 100ish for 8bitdo’s (this test of a dual analog snes style, wired, iirc, with oddly the same-ish numbers wireless) - but, they’ve also released a lot of controllers in a lot of batches. Plenty of people saying stuff like: totally unusable throw it in a dumpster, totally unusable until firmware updated and then wow now great, my fav ever out of the box, etc.

Anecdotally my standard 8bitdo sfc controller feels: fine, just fine, lag’s never stood out to me, never had any issues with input registering. I use a no-name external usb bluetooth dongle, on osx/windows.


I grabbed an M30

I quite like it, mostly the d-pad feels, uh, looser than an MD pad but tighter than a Saturn pad, but also that they’re comparable is good

it also has a D-input mode which means it technically, technically works with the PS3 except somehow nothing is mapped to the C-button/circle button, which is a deal killer for me, someone who angrily demands every game have jump mapped to C

felt good playing TFIV on Switch, had a few moments of input lag but I don’t know if that was the game or the controller. messed around with it in Windows over BT and didn’t have any issues other than Freedom Planet suddenly deciding it wasn’t going to accept input from any controller, randomly

by default, the d-pad emulates the left analog stick in a digital fashion but there’s no to change that unless you use something like the Steam controller mapping. I hear 8bitdo is going to update that and let you toggle between d-pad and stick

quickly plugging it into my main computer running W7 (the BT one runs 10), Windows doesn’t see any input in X-input mode but sees it fine in D-input mode so :boh:

(okay, actually, looking at the Windows controller test, I see why D-input is borked, it has C and Z bound to buttons 7 and 8 instead of the more logical 3 and 6, whoops)


thank u fer ur service


I messed around with updating Xinput drivers and now I got it working wired on my 7 machine

if they fix that d-input stuff for PS3 use, I’m willing to slap the boring old 10/10 rating on the controller


Well damn, this works perfectly. DS4s and arcade sticks on DC. Can even store 40 blocks worth of VMU data.


I’ve had much better luck with Brook converters than with competing brands. I’ve got some Mayflash PS3/4 to switch adapter that doesn’t work with my virtua stick high grade, but the Brook version handles it perfectly.


I don’t like this converter on the basis of the implication that the Dreamcast controller is anything else other than perfect


the dreamcast controller is offensively bad. the stick itself is literally the only upgrade from the saturn 3d pad, which is itself a partial downgrade in some regards from the normal japanese (and us mk. 2) saturn pads.

dreamcast controllers literally strongly contributed to my RSI

fuck the dc pad forever and ever and ever


Because android has been mentioned: is anyone here using a gamepad with an android device? What’s a good one? The dualshock 4 doesn’t seem to work well, I tried it with minecraft. That’s literally the only game I’d use a controller for on android but I’m still curious. Also, if anyone got the ds4 to work properly any tips are welcome


SF30Pro has worked OK for me.


I use the newer bluetooth-capable Xbone controllers on android phones without any complaints. There’s prolly lag but IDGAF.