methods of input


i dug my hori fighting commander pro out of the closet to play some fightmans. still digging it altho those complex KOF motions are still hard for me.


i think my perfect pad is the form factor / lightness of a genesis pad, but with 6 equal size buttons, 2 shoulder buttons each side


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Worst Images



USB Genesis pad drops this week, regular Genny pad and both Saturn pads next month



I forget whether 8bitDo or Retro-bit is the one to avoid, as 8bitDo is also prepping a Sega controller


Retro-Bit started out with some serious crap, and I’m not sure if they’ve stepped it up over the last couple years. I really hope so…

I find 8BitDo’s online following strangely offputting, but their recent Game Boy-inspired dual analog pad feels really nice (although the stick sensitivity seemed to be waaaay off in Switch mode).


I won’t speak to the build quality until I buy one but if Sega is licensing them and they’re seemingly using something like real molds, why the hell not trust them for a minute


The only Retro-Bit product I have ever owned was their dreadful NES to USB adapter. It had really bad input lag.


i’m digging the look of this round boy

they got a white one too, neat


you got me all excited but the white one doesn’t seem to have a BT version up for order yet


I have one of Retrobit’s old Saturn usb pads and all I can say is that I only paid $6 for it. Worst case scenario is that they’re just slapping a Sega logo on it. The company’s been reusing old molds from the get go, but I don’t think it’s ever been above the board previously.


That white one is gorgeous


fuck these pads, i’m more interested in repairing the og saturn pads i already have and using an adapter. only issue is i think the shoulder buttons require light soldering and i don’t have a tool for that! i need a soldering gun, damn it


Why the hell is Cool Skeleton called Slate Gray?


Hmm… these might be good. Certainly don’t want to spend the $60 for the refurbs on eBay which are now 10+ years old. My USB Saturn pads still work but it’s really uncertain for how much longer…


yeah, the a button on my sls pad is definitely not going to last forever, so i’m putting a lot of hope into these being good


As I recall, 8bitdo got a bit of shade here from @fortninety (I think?) for having poor quality batteries in some of their early models. Beyond that I haven’t heard anything overly negative about them.

In this case, out of the two, I’d be more willing to go with 8bitdo’s attempt.

RE: repairing Saturn pads, on occasion you can find batches of replacement rubber membranes on eBay for about $8-10 USD. They’re the most common point of failure, and the only other way to get them is to cannibalize/salvage them from other pads. Can’t say I’ve had the shoulder buttons ever go on one, but it’s good to know you can get the little clickers too.


Fort posted on twitter they tried them and thought they were good. That someone else on twitter said they are the same except not clicky L-R uhhh welll.

That is a pretty big not the same yo.