methods of input


between the Use Any Godamn Controller That You Want (Within Reason), freesync support and the almost anything goes app marketplace, the Xbone is closer to the ideal of PC-in-a-box than the OG ever was

I look forward to the continuing devaluing of my OG Xbone


i like the ds4 but mine is really nasty now, the triggers creak and the rubber wore off the left analogue about a year in

and the battery is really bad


that reminds me

dear companies

let me use my eneloops or put in big-ass batteries like when Nintendo stuck a 3DS battery in the Wii U Pro controller


I use a DS4 most of the time. I’d really like to pick up an XBONE pad but jfc they’re like $90AUD new, and used ain’t much better.


Hi! Im back from outerspace to post about an arcade stick improvement/mod I made.
Sega Genesis continues to be my home console, and I love shooters but Im bad at them. My main complaint is control and as Im a grouchy old man who will emulate literally anything except sega genesis I decided to do some thing about it.

I had heard a rumor that old mechanical neogeo arcade sticks fit perfectly in the body of the Arcade power stick (which I am a fan of). Wanting the very best in control and hoping things hadn’t changed too much I purchased a very nice 4 way gated sanwa stick and set to work on my arcade stick.
Before (stock photo):
The ball would not unscrew, leading to desperate measures:

The stnadoffs were milimeters off the stock holes on the arcade stick mounting plate so I widened the stock holes. I was very hopeful it would just fit at this stage.

It still did not fit, the body was too deep!!!

So using a dremel I ground the insides down! It still did not fit!

So I removed the mounting plate and ground the standoff all the way flat and opened up the stick opening on the arcade stick body. Then after carefully prepping the surfaces by sanding them, souring them with a knife and wiping down with brake cleaner I attached the stick permanently with the strongest 2 part epoxy I could find.

The wires almost matched but had some colors that were different. the correct pinout was (not pictured) to match by color with purple matching green.

The finished product! I love how the dust disk fits the opening bezel perfectly.

The shaft was too long on bottom by a hair less than the thickness of the steel under plate so a hole had to be cut for clearance. So far the stick has not been an issue on flat surfaces and even directly on carpet.

I’ve used this stick extensively since. the diagonal gate makes playing Landstalker worlds easier as well as the shooter improvements I was hoping for.
Ive used this stick to beat Magical Drop 5 on PC on all difficulties (its a terribly flawed implementation of magical drop)

Maybe Ill do the 6 button power stick next.



This makes me want to put arcade hardware in like every old console stick


I could make the classiest one of those Frogger TV game things!


This is the Panther XL. The trackball is actually pretty nice and it works fairly well with Descent II, certainly much better than the Cyberman 3D.


I’m on the hunt for XInput wired controllers that aren’t $50. I am down to two options

Pro: I know it is durable
Con: Doesn’t feel as good as the one below


Pro: It feels great, almost as good as an X360 wired controller. I have the Switch PDP controllers w/ the same parts and they’re great.
Con: Bad Amazon reviews scare the fuck out of me. There are a lot.

I don’t know where to get good reviews of this shit.


Think about the lifetime you need out of these; as demo controllers durability problems aren’t a huge deal but the controller probably shouldn’t be a bottom-barrel ‘we kept the plastic molds’ clone.




picture ruined by very bad fake labels on the carts


The B and A labels on the Gameboy itself look like they’re in the Chicago font too.


I think it’s all a 3D rendering.


Just renders at this point, but Hyperkin (yeah :frowning:) is seemingly making a Horipad Mini N64 clone with bluetooth. The receiver will allow you to backup memory card saves.


I want that so bad