methods of input



good god that does not look comfortable at all

I can feel my wrists warping



Is Disc Dog a game? Because that sounds like it would be amazing!


I honestly have no idea!





Is that for a butt?


I made this:

The “Cheese Stick”


A Select one


With the exception of the Steam controller, which I’ll chalk up to an obvious selection bias, this is also my ranking. Gimme a Gravis Gamepad before a DS4.


I love the DS4 but I hate re pairing it back and forth


I love the stories of people buying thousands of dollars of MTX on the Playstation store because they played a game while it was still paired. I don’t even understand how that should be possible!


I’ve MonHunned so much recently the rubber has actually worn off my 360 left stick


Switch Pro support is great because it has digital triggers and 99% of games are putting binary actions on triggers anyway and it has the double threat of having a gyro so I can use gyro aim (though setting up gyro aim on a stick instead of a touchpad is a pain)

with that said, using it hurts my brain because I keep it on Xinput layout but my brain will still read prompts, go “NINTENDO CONTROLLER DETECTED” and mash the opposite button, and, no, the option on the Steam configurator to switch the button layout only breaks my brain even worse

this reminds me, Brook makes a thing that turns the Xbone pad into a gyro-enabled DS4/Switch Pro controller and that just sounds like the most perfect thing ever


I was hoping the Xbox elite pad would get a price cut or revision because I love paddles. Paddles should be the addition next time around, none of this touchpad bs.


no deal

we keep the touchpads and let people customize their experience

okay, one touchpad. no more touchpad-with-a-cross-grooved-into-it. that thing is an abomination and anyone who says it’s a good d-pad replacement should be hung and shot


I was thinking about the usurper of the select button on the DS4, but yeah no more ersatz trackballs.


the DS4 touchpad is pretty okay if you use it for large, sweeping motions (I don’t get how KZSF was a launch title and figured this out and so many other games fuck it up) and bad if you use it for anything else

also are we talking about how the Xbone is getting kinda-system wide KBM support


I read that it’s up to publishers/developers to support it in games, which is a bummer, but it goes hand-in-hand with the accessibility push.