methods of input


I really hope Retrobit stepped it up for these, because their controllers are usually garbage.


I got an ergonomic design style vertical mouse after seeing the doc but it is a rough adjustment for games - it makes you use your forearm and shoulder to move, but that means you have to make much larger movements. I’m curious to see if I can adjust but it’s definitely better for my particular wrist pain, and still better than using a pad for first person games.

It’s also made by Sanwa, but I’m not sure if it’s that Sanwa.


Looks nice! Bummer there’s not a lefty model. I also use a vertical mouse most of the time, but I use a regular mouse for games.

My current project is modding an Evoluent vertical mouse with a sensor from a Logitech G Pro mouse, since the old G Pros are selling cheaply and used left-handed Evoluent mice are ~$20 on eBay right now (if you don’t mind having to sand off the surface layer due to baked on office and hand crud).


this is a good reminder that I should be using my trackball when I’m not busy bring bad at games



Your adversaries barely stand a chance. With its sleek lines and high-level functionality, the Nostromo n45 GamePad offers a sharp contrast between form and function: it gives your hands a comfortable, ergonomic fit while you trash the opposition. The n45 includes Nostromo Array Software that lets you create and save profiles for use with specific games. With an Action Stabilizer Bar for steadier play and more balanced positioning for better reaction time, Nostromo lets you put precision engineering in your arsenal.


It’s so huge. My huge orange boy.


Not a controller but is a PVM:

You can power it off camcorder batteries.


Stabilizers! Presumably not for air resistance.

For resting on your gut?


Perhaps! Looks more like a rocker to me, though.

Edit: Originally wrote/autocorrected ‘ticket’ instead of ‘rocker.’


I also want to know why form and function are contrasting so sharply. Is it ‘surprisingly useful for something so cheap looking’? Is it ‘surprisingly uncomfortable, despite being ugly’?

If I remember right, back when we had one sitting in the ‘???’ box at EB Games for a few years, that inner handle gap is very painful. Like holding a controller you took apart and then lost all the screws and then your mom said live with it until Christmas.


I don’t reach it.


I resonate with this topic.


I wrote a review for this thing on amazon 14 years ago.



I saw one of those at California Extreme!


Jesus I thought that was a gamepad


I’m one day late, but I saw one of these at a flea market yesterday.


I was gifted two of those but eventually I needed some $$$