methods of input


with those requirements i’d look into getting a custom stick built from the obligatory ‘person who makes really nice sticks’ in your nearest fg scene if possible

i believe the brook converters are fine though anything going to ps4 ends up in a firmware cat and mouse game with sony whenever there’s a ps4 os update so perhaps look into a ps3/ps4 stick and a 360 converter if that’s a thing


I guess the base question was “do PC sticks work on 360 natively” because Microsoft makes both Windows and Xbox so I was expecting maybe they’d be cross-compatible, but I’m guessing by your wording that it’s not


they’re not compatible
very microsoft


You can get sticks that can do Playstation/PC, or sticks that do Xbox/PC, but all three is somehow not possible for reasons I can only assume are Sony’s fault.


last gen it was actually microsoft’s fault and ps3 would take standard hid devices while the 360 wouldn’t

of course sony regressed on that for the ps4


yeah the ps3 was really nicely generic in some unusual ways.

Sony had a lot of goodwill to earn back and I think they were honestly one of the more benevolent industry forces from like 2009 through a couple years ago

I still think the ps4 is a very good product considering when it launched and how expensive GPU hardware has become and how unattractive windows was immediately before that but I think like 80%+ of the ps4 games I have were released in 2015 and 2016 (or like, bookended by bloodborne and nier) and Sony have gotten a lot more boring as a publisher recently




I have been thinking about how to reconfigure my control/sitting situaesh

because my new toys came in the mail today


Yikes that’s ugly.


I like that one.

But I don’t like that the SNES and SF variants’ face-button colour schemes are off.


I think the gameboy variant without the handles is the best looking of their dual analog pads. The handles do add an odd character to the thing with the otherwise mostly unchanged SFC flat front. I like that the GB dual analog doesn’t have the grey circle in the button area, which I thought kinda jumped out at a feller once extended to fit in the increased size.


I slathered a bunch of stuff in hydrogen peroxide hair bleach gel stuff and then set it outside in the front yard to gently roast under the sun in a disposable brazing pan with a clear lid

it worked


That /:/:NEW logo so good


oh! my pc engine controller uses that exact shell, but the cable has another controller port partway down (since the pce only has one built in)


praise be to old ass hori, hallowed be thy name, amen :pray:



Are these the Retrobit collab, or is that something different?


They are the Retrobit controllers. Haven’t seen any photos of the dual analog Saturn, yet. Seems like they’ve ditched the IR-Wireless-derived Saturn design.

Also, was a little unclear to me at first but the non-USB/Bluetooth labeled models on the sell sheet are for the actual consoles.


what i’d really love most is a usb saturn pad with one little extra button for taking screenshots via joy2key while playing emulators


get a foot pedal