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Oh hey I was also browsing yahoo auctions last night.


Okay yeah, fair enough, but try and see where I’m coming from:


Cool. 8bitdo now selling wireless PCB replacement kits for og NES, SNES and 6 button Genesis pads.

Prob everyone should spam their Twitter for Saturn + NeoCD.




I’ve never even used a neo CD pad and that picture is making feel some type of way


I would buy these right this instant if they accepted any form of payment that wasn’t paypal


I could buy it for you if you want. Feel free to PM me.

Also, shipping is $18 bucks… yeesh.



I went to a game store looking for a microswitched PDP fight pad and by golly they had one. Also they had a bunch of unexpected import stuff I didn’t remember them having the last time I visited years ago. They had a Laseractive with the MD unit on display in the back. A complete copy of Racing Lagoon. I also bought an $8 boxed Super Black Bass for SFC.

After some initial feel out testing, came to the same conclusion that keeps me from daily driving the Neo-Geo Pad 2: stick a little too loosy goosy. So I took it apart to see what was going on, didn’t take any pictures inside, but these things are cool. All four directions and the six face buttons are mouse button switches. Like these

The stick assembly itself is its own little unit on a separate sub pcb. These pads have a reputation for unreliability, but it seems like you could fix the switches fairly easily once they go bad, experiment with swapping them out, etc. The shoulders are less interesting and use those standard project ‘tactile switches’…

I messed around with different bodge ideas to change the stick actuation, taped up the little actuator rod prongs to make them thicker, etc. but eventually settled on shimming the rod up with bent aluminum scraps from a soda can - helped decrease the deadzone. Feels better during relaxed playing but I think this particular half ass solution made fighting game moves more difficult than stock.

Also ended up breaking it while fooling around and had to re-solder the wires connecting the stick, a task at the absolute limits of my nonexistent soldering capabilities. Also scraped off the button labels, first with a knife and then repolished with a buffer but then I realized barkeepers friend and a napkin worked way better but not before fucking up the L1. Removed the Xbox logo dome sticker.

I’ll have to get some more of these for experimenting, I like it.


Tyler DeCuir:

this boy runnin’ a straight slab

oh fuck the real shit has been hiding on facebook all this time god damn


handmade wooden parts by (I think) YJA user arisyanfam
too pure for our dark world


Irem Madonna panel/enclosure ended up going for ¥26,300 earlier today, somebody going to have themselves one doozy of a fightstick



going through an old drive and found this picture of my modded agetec

it has the datel 360/ps3 pcb from like 2009, the vmu in there is just a dust cover


i still have this thing! definitely my favourite stick design



There’s a store near me that has one of these. I’ve been staying strong for a couple years and not pulling the trigger on it.


Damn they made a USB Virtua Stick? How did I miss this?

oh wow and it has real(ish) buttons?

daddy’s gonna have to do some budget smudging


I’m considering picking up a new arcade stick for my PS4 as I’ve largely been playing on a Hori Fighting Stick Mini until now. It was fine at my old place because I had a desk for it to sit on as I played, but now I need to put the stick in my lap and its lack of size and weight makes it less than optimal. I am also considering picking up a 360 later this year to play shmups on. Most sticks I’m seeing on the market are either PS4/PC or PS4/PS3/PC. Would any of these work directly with a 360 or would I need to get an adapter/360-specific stick? How good are adapters nowadays, and are there any good ones that convert USB sticks to PS2 and/or Saturn?

Basically I think it would be nice to consolidate my collection of crappy sub-$100 sticks for various consoles into a single premium stick that would work on every platform I own, but I don’t know how viable this is and if adapters still suck in 2018




Okay but what if I’m not interested in changing the PCB


I am unsure. Might be worth the cost/time investment if you’re looking to make the jump to a nice stick and want to use it on 4+ consoles, though.