methods of input


The NeGcon always stuck in my head over the years before I could try it as that one controller that let you somehow twist your ship’s low-poly model in Xevious 3D/G, but it apparently works well with the PS1 Wipeouts. I tried it for a few minutes and noticed I could turn a bit easier, but I gave up on it too quickly to notice whether it was definitely better than just using the stock PS1 pad (no doubt that it is, I just got distracted and never tried it again).


Saw on Reddit something about a quiet redesign for Nintendo’s pro controller:

I didn’t realize the Switch pro had any issues to begin with, but I guess I’m glad I’ve waited to grab one.


Does it feel good to use?


I just bought a PSX ASCII Grip off of eBay because it was $10. I was looking for one of the HORI RPG controllers, but they were all too expensive.

I really wanted this, but it was like, $50. Forget that!

Has anybody tried the the new HORI Mini PS4 controller yet? I’m debating buying one.


My ASCII Grip came but I forgot where my Magic Joybox whatever PSX/Saturn/DC > USB adapter was so I just bought a PSX adapter.


I’m disappointed that the ASCII Grip V2 and the Gundam Online Zaku controllers are rare, expensive, and in poor quality on eBay. Apparently, these guys make a knock-off, but there’s no price listed, and they’re not in the U.S., so it’s probably not really worth what it’d cost, anyway.


The X and O (bottom buttons) on my Grip I bought a few weeks ago gave up the ghost this morning while I was playing Innocent Sin. The other buttons work fine, just not the two most important buttons! I tested in various mappers, still nothing recognizes inputs from X and O. So, I guess, just a caveat if you plan on buying one of these – I’m guessing this has been sitting around for 20 years and is a bit finicky.

I might buy another one in a few weeks, and if I have the same problem immediately, then it’s the adapter.


I just picked up one of these dongles to use my Wii U junk on my Switch:

It works perfectly well and it can apparently also connect anything else to everything else. Looking forward to plugging it into a Steam Link to use whatever.

The only drawback I’ve noticed so far is the narrow mode button used to switch from xinput, dinput, etc. It’s like a router reset button.


I got one of these too and it’s great. It even came with a USB A to C adapter.


Apparently they made a paddle controller for the X68k port of Cameltry. I assume it’s by micomsoft. It looks homemade–You just clamp a mouse to it and it spins the ball. The only picture I could find was in this youtube video which has some other hot/interesting pasokon controllers.


sweet stuff in that slideshow

I didn’t know this until last night but the top of that x68000 mouse unscrews and then you can pop a switch on the bottom and it becomes a trackball and you can also spin around the buttons so they’re on the left instead of top and also there are mirrored pinch buttons on the sides gee golly willikers


this guy hacked an analog stick into his NES MAX.


this guy hacked an arcade Time Crisis gun up to a Guncon 2 pcb and external power supply to make it playable with PS1/2 games.


Someone made a really nice custom controller for the early Wing Commander games.


Oh my sweet jesus




hmmm, so the “1st pc gun” package contains the interface gizmo, meaning they can also sell a cheap “2nd pc gun” package that includes just the gun and some games. that’s nice.
i bet the 2nd gun boxes are significantly rarer now.


Has anybody here ever actually owned a SuperScope 16 or whatever it was called


Yeah, I only had the pack-in game, which had mini game reinterpretations of whack-a-mole, Tetris, and Missile Command though. It was cool.

Not as satisfying as the Zapper, but the bazooka form factor was half the novelty.

It’d still work on modern TVs since it used a external sensor, right? Or was that just an IR receiver?


the jpn infrared white Saturn pad is def the coolest looking Sega pad?

and wow you can use it as a tv remote? wow.

company Retrobit’s upcoming line of Sega pad re-releases model the bluetooth variant on it, but unlike the wired pads only seems to have been shown off in black. sad.



This store in Niigata seems to have come across a box of brand new Super Famicom ASCII Grips and is selling them for 980 yen each.

Always surprises me when this stuff happens.