Let's talk about Spider-Man games!


never forget that the villain in Raimi’s Spider Man was an industrial arms manufacturer

it is the last Pre-9/11 movie


I’d say the tone is pro-cop in a ten-year-old who also loves fire trucks kind of way


I liked the first raimi spiderman a lot more than the second and I could never find any concurring opinions back in the day; I missed dafoe mugging in the second one and I thought pretty much all efforts they subsequently made to make the character more three dimensional and more heroic were dumb


I felt deeply cynical watching the second in a way I didn’t watching the first but I haven’t rewatched it since release and don’t know if that was just my mood. The train scene fell to schlocky instead of moving; very likely I was not prepared for any pro-America tableaus even if it wanted to be more pro-NYC.


Oh yeah I don’t think the game is some kind of radical misinterpretation of the character or anything.

Honestly superheroes that act as totally lawless vigilantes are just as weird. I remember feeling kind of bored by the constant “The cops think [obviously virtuous super-hero] is the villain?” subplots in basically all media, though I guess now that gives you some kind of moral high ground.

Even though the Amazing Spider-Man movies are bad, making Denis Leary into the skeptical police captain who is also Spider-Man’s girlfriend’s dad was pretty great to me, because when the Raimi Spider-Man came out my girlfriend at the time’s dad (who I was and still am terrified of) was like, extremely livid that they had the gall to make a military contractor the villain


I’m 99% sure the point is the nuance between “cop” and “not cop”

E.g. let’s not put together surveillance buildings everywhere to spy on everyone. E.g. let’s discuss that “bad cops” usually aren’t working for the badguy, but deepseated racists/misogynists that take advantage of their specific cop powers for personal crusades into racism/misogyny/powerfantasy E.g. Morgan Freeman’s character in Dark Knight did this years ago


The thing about the cop activity in this game is Spidey isn’t just ‘fighting crime’, he’s setting up a surveillance system so cops can watch everyone. That is more than a little dubious to me.

As for Spider-Man movies, the first one is totally the best. The second entirely hinges on Will he stop being spider-man??? (No) and Don’t You Want Mary-Jane and Peter to End Up Together???(DEFINITELY NO).

You can’t hinge an entire emotional arc of a film on rooting for a romance where the two leads not only have zero chemistry, but Dunst seems like she hates being on screen with McGuire half the time.

I’m still waiting for 3 to get remembered as a cheeseball classic like it deserves to be. It operates on the level of a Xena episode and it’s awesome for that reason.


the biggest problem with the third one is that it had Sad Thomas Haden Church like a year and a half after Sideways and I remember sitting in the imax thinking what am I even supposed to do with this guy


That seemed like a hilariously bungled metaphor treatment. They want to interpret the ‘watchtower’ open world mechanic but the obvious analogue is a Stingray-esque device but that’s obviously super-creepy but if we say it’s an Oscorp-owned item and dress it in black and red than it’s dramatic irony for Spidey to set these up, right? Except the mechanics are insisting it’s a good idea so the feint away from it doesn’t land.


Most of the time when I see “cops” and “bungled” together it means some brown dude is dead, so


and it’s also probably the phrasing J Jonah Jameson would use to describe police brutality, which is why that character works


Raimi is the best who ever did it and Spiderman 3 is unimpeachable art


I mean, it did have that trailer with spidey weaving a web between the towers and that didn’t make the final cut for obvious reasons.



I think this video nailed a lot of it. The swinging was the… downswing of this game.


I have yet to hold it in my spider mitts and assess it on my own but this does make it look a bit to automatic. I’m still to attached to SM2 and all the little ways you can adjust or control your traversal options. Ex. Pressing the sprint button to get a little boost (best done near the bottom of a swing to get a horizontal boost or near the end to get more height), being able to choose from a wall jump or wall run when scraping a wall, using two webs to even out between buildings or cut tighter corners. The thrill was in the controlling.

The combat doesn’t look quite as numbing as BatCreed but still looks close enough to make me not excited about it.


I beat it and currently have a save file at 81%. I plan on getting that platinum but I’m not in a big rush. The swinging is fine, honestly, though definitely not as deep as Spider-Man 2. I hope the DLC is good.


Sorry for skipping all 157 posts and going straight here and just searching “Web of Shadows,” but I’m glad to finally find people who appreciate that game.

It’s been my go-to “I’m depressed and just need something to breeze through” game for a while.

Did y’all know Peter hunches when you switch to the black suit? He does!

The Vulture fight definitely feels like a prototype to the new game’s fight.



no nick robinson vids!

I’m honestly disappointed that jamie fristrom is hanging with nick, I know jamie IRL and we’ve played RPGs together a few times.