Let's talk about Spider-Man games!




Except for me. Sorry everyone.

edit-Oh wait I understand what you were saying now. I don’t buy dlc when it comes out lol. If it’s not included in some version of the game when I first buy it then that’s it, you missed the window with me.

More interesting still is when this dlc is releasing, just a month or so after the game is out when usually they stagger dlc releases throughout the six to nine months after release.


I think a month or so is a good move for first dlc. I remember what it was like when I actually played games a lot: I would have finished the game in the first two weeks.

I will likely be playing BFV most evenings. A map pack in the first two months would be nice. Especially if the base game maps are just ok.


$80 is also just about exactly $50 in 1996 dollars, and it’s not necessarily possible to compare further back given media and production costs, so that checks out

resold steam keys years down the line are probably only marginally more profitable than the old aftermarket


I bought all the Sniper Elite 4 dlc

it’s me

I’m the one


I think this speaks to Insomniac’s good production practices; they were able to finish the game early enough to get this done. I believe Insomniac is one of the better-managed studios, able to ship for years without crunch (i.e., able to budget and predict time correctly).



things like that make me feel like I will probably play this game on a lark in a year or two once it gets cheap during a month when I don’t have too much else going on; it seems not too facile and thoughtfully made as far as big perfect open world singleplayer AAA titles go



It’s very nice to hear open-world NPC chatter about you and actually nice for a change, and even sometimes prompt interactions like high fives.

In-fiction twitter feed, Ridiculous Fishing style, is a nice idea but the writing is unfocused and very rarely charming. Mostly it recycles ancient patters (yeah I get it avocado toast is funny wait no it’s not).


Yeah, definitely will pick this up for 15 bucks in a year like all other Sony first party games.


Insomniac’s not a first party studio.


Yeah, neither is From, but the game Sony paid for from them was easily 20 bucks in like a year. It’s the weird Sony paid exclusive games that drop in price like what (see also Uncharted and so many other Sony exclusives). Yes these are not technically first party, but that is laregly due to Sony not doing as much first party stuff as, say, Nintendo, but contracting out exclusives.

Hell eventually they will probably just give it away with Plus.


I thought I noticed this playing the game yesterday but I was like nah they didn’t actually do that but then it turns out they totally did. They recorded of all Spider-Man’s audio lines he speaks in the open world part of the game in two takes (“exerting” and “resting”) and then dynamically switch between them on a per-line basis depending on what you’re doing. So when swinging around and talking to someone he sounds strained but when standing still he sounds normal.


hey i worked with alex previty for a month at somatone! he was amazing! we quit at the same time :open_mouth:

dude knows his way around pro tools lemme tell you

really glad to see him doing well he deserved better than somatone



does whatever a spider can, he does


Chefkiss punchline


this game is pro-cop and i probably won’t play it until it’s like 10 dollars but i still have to respect it for inspiring people to do weirdly specific videos like this so soon after its release

(hidden because it contains unlockable costume footage that might ruin a surprise)


the only part of it being “pro-cop” that really bugs me, taking into account


is that (as evidenced in the video you linked) one of the open world busywork things they threw in there is “busting minor drug deals” which dramatically saps my enthusiasm for it

otherwise it seems like, uh, not the worst-handled entry into the “gamers who reflexively identify as progressive also love conservative corporatist media properties and defend their right to love them and are not good at reconciling these stances” canon