Let's talk about Spider-Man games!


I understand that point of view but when someone wants to play Diablo they want to play fucking Diablo, man.


well the point was less that it’s a decent diablo-clone and more that it’s a comparatively eXcellent x-men / superhero game, especially when you’re looking for a superhero game that isn’t a) a fighting game or b) a 16-bit action game. it’s a beat-em-up with RPG elements and you get to be x-men using superpowers and going through an x-men storyline.

the MUA games seem to promise the same thing but, I dunno, I don’t trust it



I haven’t watched all of that. But I was pretty unimpressed with the video they showed at the Sony conference.


What would have impressed you?


IMO, those games were good. They were diablo like but on console with no real concessions for that fact. I remember spending a lot of time wandering around trying to figure out where I was going, and stumbling across ‘secrets’ just because I punched a wall or whatever.
There’s some fun to be had, but the level design would really hold it back now, and in a game that’s primarily about navigating the map, it’s kinda pointless.
Also if you level up Deadpool in the second one correctly the only challenge will be dodging insta kills.


Spiderman is going to sell some PS4s to the last remaining hold outs.


I want to be hype for this game but I am very allergic to Batcreed styled combat. This at least looks like it might have a fun stealth game but the webslinging and wall running looks a little to streamlined to sell me on the part that “I” am swinging through a big city like spider-man.


I was really unimpressed with the big explosion sequence they first showed (looked like a nightmare to play tbh), but was much more interested when they showed some city stuff. But as others mentioned, I’m going to have to see how it feels to swing around first.

If it doesn’t feel like spider-man 2 NOT INTERESTED





Rudie slams into a thread two years late.

The best Superhero game is Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Crystal Bearers which I have been trying to sell all of you on for like 5 years.


An amazing photo mode winkwink



usgamer also just did an oral history of spider man 2




they’re advertising dlc for games that haven’t even been released yet? this world we live in y’all


DLCs are played by less than 10% of the audience who purchased the game. Nobody buys DLC when it comes out, so they key is to sell it to people before they’ve purchased the game when they’re in MAXIMUM HYPE mode and spending money helps salve their anticipation. This is necessary because if the average purchase price of the game was $60 the studio could not cope with rising budgets; getting average revenue per unit up closer to $75, $80 is a key metric in budgeting.

It’s not that they’ll have the DLC done before launch; work on DLC is essentially paying off debt for an audience that’s since evaporated.