Let's talk about Spider-Man games!


Licensed game sales are more safe and predictable than other games, since they get a certain minimum of sales from people/their kids who liked the movie regardless of quality or critical reception or anything. For something like a Shrek licensed game, that’s 100% of the sales. For Spider-Man, it’s some kind of hybrid strategy where at the same time they try to carry themselves via their own quality/critical-reception, but the stakes still aren’t as high as an AAA new IP.


According to VGchartz, Web of Shadows was about 1.5M across PS3, 360, and Wii.

Shattered Dimensions was about 1M

Spider-Man 2 was about 6 million across PS2, Xbox, and GCN

I guess a pretty good movie helps


Now my seven to nine million ass-figure sounds super optimistic lol.


Spider-Man 2 was an exceptional case in that it hit simultaneous release with a movie and was at the same time uncommonly good to the point of getting its own game-specific critical reception. Simultaneous release is really good for sales for obvious reasons, but the rigid timeline tends to compromise quality.


I’ve never touched Spider-Man 2!

I didn’t know the numbers. But I remembered that Shaba went under, after WoS. And figured other Spider-Man games hadn’t done amazing. Which is why I asked what you guys think!

The new game is in a good position with Marvel Madness, a solid dev, and some marketing reach. But WoS had some pretty good preview coverage, BTS features, trailers, etc. So…???


I guess Spider-Man isn’t as popular as I always thought it was.

Mind = blown

And dang dude play Spider-Man 2 sometime. It still holds up. I’m still crossing my fingers for a PS/Xbox backwards compatible version someday.

Or buy Energy Hook that Tulpa linked in post #13. The guy responsible for the swinging physics from Spider-Man 2 made it and it’s basically Spider-Man 2 minus the Spider-Man but + a jetpack.


Did you guys see that Venom teaser?

When’s the last time a game let us play as proper Venom? Maximum Carnage?


Ultimate Spider-Man had a decent Venom aspect. He didn’t have a spider on his suit though.


I think I bought that game when I was in San Francisco. But it was one of many things which a shitty “last mile” courier auto sent back to Amazon.


Dis you guys ever beat Maximum Carnage? My brother and I could never do it. Even in 2player mode.


superman? spider-man? get the fuck out.

we need an AAA powerpuff girls game.


i just played maximum carnage for the first time. i finished the irst stage, then got stuck on the second because you’re supposed to climb, but there’s no obvious way of climbing past the ledge that appears a few metres up


It’s been yeeeaaaarrrsss buy I think maybe you swing to another climbing spot?


You climb by pressing the B button (or whatever button on your keyboard/gamepad corresponds to the B button on an SNES pad). Someone even made a short tutorial on how to get past those levels specifically where you have to climb.


recently I had a strong urge to play X-Men Legends (which I played way back when) or its sequel, but found that it’s not available anywhere but the original PS2 games. bummer. I then saw that the two Marvel Ultimate Alliance games are available on PSN, albeit for a steep price of $40.

I have heard all manner of divergent opinions about these games—are they any good? I loved X-Men Legends, but heard that MUA nerfs the more interesting RPG elements of those games and are generally just like babby’s-first-Diablo-like with Marvel characters.

do any sbutts have the definitive opinions here?


all I remember about x men legends is that the first one had a great bug where all Jean Grey’s psychic attack bonuses stacked with her physical attack so if you put all your points in the boring +% damage perks she tore up everything

It was quite decent for a co op diablo on the ps2 given how many other devs failed to nail that but not super special otherwise


I still think the definitive Diablolike for console is Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance waaaaaay back for PS2. Except, like, actual Diablo 3, which is supposed to be good on console too.


I mean I would just tell someone to play guardian of light or magicka now unless they’re really into the loot and stats and whatnot (which even if they’re your thing have always struck me as more of a solitary affair and not that great to noodle over in co-op) since those games do more with the format


Felix. This is, like, literally, the whole appeal.


ehhhh they don’t really work for couch funtimes imo, I can’t get into that mindset without doing the equivalent of poring over the arreat summit for hours between levels