Let's talk about Spider-Man games!


And use cars as boxing gloves! I wouldn’t high five THOSE hands!!!


We need a Hulk game where you can level everything like in a regular city level of any Earth Defense Force game.


How herc-roic!


Hell yes. Get the UD people to do the Hulk’s movement and hire on Sandlot for making buildings and levels and such.


Some of the city buildings were destructible in Ultimate Destruction, and I remember them being incidentally leveled during some of the bigger setpiece missions/fights.

Just most of them are invincible.


Marvel hates Hulk for some reason. He’s a bit character in the soap opera that is Iron Man’s life. So sad. That one hulk game was something.


Well, Iron Man had the most lucrative movies, so.

I mean, Hulk? Jeez, the cinesphere is still trying to get over that Ang Lee abortion.

(Ang Lee’s Hulk is a great movie.)


a planet hulk movie would probably go down pretty well as long as the epic blockbuster bubble holds firm


they did an animated one.

Overall the Hulk works better as a background character in Marvel. Most of his stories just don’t click, because mostly it’s the same loop of Hulk wrecking things to Banner feeling bad over and over. I think we’re pas an era where people will enjoy the Mr.FixIt angle or the Red Hulk nonsense. Despite all his rage, hulk is kinda boring.


September 7, 2018 is the release date for the Insomniac-developed, PS4-exclusive Spider-Man game. Game Informer has coverage this month. Alex Ross did the cover and it looks very nice. But here’s a hands-on:

R2 - The button is contextual. It shoots out webs for swinging when you’re in mid-air, or you can hold down the button to run along walls or perform parkour while on the ground.

X - Jump. You can also use it to exit a swing or press it at the top of a wall-run to leap over a building. Additionally, in mid-air, you can use it to web-zip to gain speed by shooting out a web in front of you. You can also hold the control stick in your desired direction, tap X to web-zip so Spider-Man can make sharp, or even U-turns.

L2 and R2 - Pressing L2 and R2 at the same time will make Spider-Man zip to a perch point, which are represented as white circles on the U.I. while you’re swinging. You can leap from a perched position by hitting X, and if you do it quickly it does not interrupt your flow.

L2 - Holding down L2 makes everything go into slow motion so Spider-Man can aim for specific perches. This ability will likely lead to other maneuvers, but this was what we mainly used it for.

L3 - Holding down L3 makes Spider-Man go into a dive, which is perfect for gaining speed to enter a swing.

O - Holding down O while running to the corner of a building will make Spider-Man grab onto the side of the building with a web and make a sharp turn.

I want to free base this game.


Holy shit Alex Ross! I’m 13 again!

Web Of Shadows has the best combat. So good. And the symbiote city infection premise is aces. Unfortunately, it’s low budget and development was choked and it shows in a couple too many places.

Honestly can’t believe Sony had 3 big Spider-Man movies, put the movie title font on the Playstation 3, and never went full throttle on a game.


best take!


i also feel lile shattered dimensions had a very similar fate. being rushed and low budget but still great. something id like to see with more comic book videogames. its basically three and a half different spider man games in one l. the devs really went Hard Dick on how much they loved spider man.


I never played Shattered Dimensions, because I was too stuck on why the heck didn’t they lift some combat inspiration from Web Of Shadows?!?!?!

But yeah, I do appreciate the risks they took with the three different aesthetics and related gameplay twists!


So, with Marvel mania in full force, a recent, seemingly welk received Spider-Man movie (ehh, it was ok I guess?), and a good dev with a presumably hefty budget:

Do you all think this new game is gonna sell?


It’s the closest I’ve come to wanting to buy a Marvel/DC superhero game like, ever.


Presto payday


I think with AAA development budgets (+ the marketing, which the bigger the game is often equal to whatever the development cost was) the game pretty much has to sell just to break even. I think while Insomniac as a developer is probably shielded somewhat by their relationship with Sony (they’re definitely not in the same position a third party developer working on multiple platforms is), in video games you’re still only as good as your last project and once you reach the AAA level the budgets involved mean you can’t afford to not sell at least 2 or 3+ million or have a metacritic score below 90 (see Cory Barlog getting all weepy and thankful on Youtube after checking God of War’s metacritic upon release). An actual flop would mean you likely wouldn’t get to work on a giant project like that again any time soon.

It’s all very absurd.

All that aside, I think the game will probably do well (and maybe even quite so). It’s probably the most polished looking Spider-Man game to date, it’s from a developer with a known pedigree who’ve already proven themselves and people like Spider-Man enough that it’s a guarantee that even the half-decent Activision-published games probably still made money even if they didn’t light up the critics.

Whether the game will be mechanically interesting like Spider-Man 2 and the games based off of that swinging model is another question. The animation all looks really smooth but the real test will be once people other than Game Informer get to play it.


Yeah, I asked because I don’t think most of the past games did well. Shaba, the dev house for Web of Shadows, folded afterward.

If this new game tanks, I’m sure this dev house would live to see another game.

I’m just curious if you all think the storm is right, for a Spider-Man game to move copies. And yeah, this time the budget is real high. So proportionally more copies are needed, for profit.


I just tried to do a quick google search for sales figures for past Spider-Man games and came up with nothing. Game sales figures are notoriously difficult to discern though.

I am going to pull a number out of my ass though and say Insomniac’s Spider-Man will move at least seven point five to nine million copies. Sell through rate of 90%.