Let's talk about Spider-Man games!


The Sega arcade game is the only Japanese developed Spider-Man game, right?

Is he a playable character in anything Japanese developed other than this and the Capcom Marvel fighters?


Spiderman on Genesis and Game Gear were pretty great. Better than the later belt scrolled ones imo. I love this thread.



guys I mean

I am more of a Tekken sort of dude and don’t understand the mechanics of 2d fighting games. But Marvel vs Capcom is such good stuff. I like the sort of joyous revelry in dumb pulp pop culture. I like how the entire space time continuum warps when you do a hyper or special or whatever they’re called. I like the inclusion of late 90’s X-men character Marrow. I like how it continued the then-burgeoning tradition of including Venom in 90% of Spiderman games.


Still not sure what is up with this JP-only game (hi @tacotaskforce). It’s not like it’s based on the insect-themed sentai manga

There’s also this weird thing, which seems like a pseudo-cash-in on Marvel Super Heroes, and might also be related to X-men Mutant Apocalypse:

Pretty sure it doesn’t even have a staff roll, but I’m not sure anybody’s bothered to go all forensic on it.

It’s been so long, I can’t remember how either of these played. I think Lethal Foes was decent but sometimes tedious and overall unremarkable, while War of the Gems was…wrong and unpleasant. Maybe?

Accidental ominous foreshadowing in Marvel Super Heroes:


war of the gems isn’t great, but it’s not as bad as people say. it’s just a fairly mediocre platform beat em up. some of the sprites are kind of downported versions of the ones from capcom’s marvel fighting games.

also you fight loads of evil clones of puck from alpha flight for some reason


Yes we all remember this. I remember Ultimate Spider-Man had a dig at it when you played as Venom.

Also for some reason Spider-Man is a boss in a Shinobi game?? I remember when I first saw this, I was very very confused.

Also you fight godzilla and the terminator. Man what was with this game


Remember when Activision tried to pass some cereal box version of Spider-Man 2 on PC as the same as the console one and there was such a backlash that they re-released it as “Spider-Man 2 Activity Centre?”


Best thing about the movie Spider-Man games (including the first one for the reboot) is that they kept Bruce Campbell employed.


I remember everyone being excited about this when the game came out. “You can play as spider-man!!”

Of course it made sense since they made the PSX games and Activision still had the license.

He was in the GBA one too






Hmm. Interesting. I forgot about War of the Gems, but I don’t think I’ve heard of Lethal Foes I’ll check it out. Thanks boss.


So all I know about DS Web of Shadows is what is shown in this video.

Am I to conclude from this thread that I should just play the damn game already?


I didn’t think it was worth the time.


This was the spiderman that looked like it might be good. I loved unlocking spiderman in Tony Hawk 2. T


It was good, just hard to swallow right after Web of Shadows. And Spider-Man Noir was the worst. There was also another right after just Spider-Man and 2099, Edge of Time… I still need to finish that, if nothing else for the Peter David Script.




Watching all these videos it’s clear how excited developers were to let you move radically fast in very big geo-spaces; it’s just polygons so they can be as big as you want. Superheroes are the perfect excuse for extremely fast ownership of very large, very complex 3D space.

…and ever since Assassin’s Creed built a grounded-yet-simplistic version of traversal, we’ve only seen small-scale city movement. Well, and GTA continues to crush it every time it sloughs off its throne. Even modern superhero games take place at half the scale or less than these Spider-Man games. Sunset Overdrive (which presumably their Spider-Man game is based off of) feels tiny next to NEW YORK CITY BABY; you never get more than a couple hundred feet off the ground, certainly nowhere near thousands.

Where’s my celebration of scale and massiveness at a superheroic scale? Why aren’t I swamped in mech games with levels covering Neo-Neo-Tokyo? Maybe I should get slightly more excited for Gravity Rush 2…


Superman Returns on the 360 had a great sense of flying and a really gigantic space to fly around in. Metropolis not only felt huge it actually was once you started taking things a bit slower and poking around it. It wasn’t very good overall but I loved flying around as Superman and I think that was probably the closest we’ve come to a really good Superman game.

Web-swinging is mechanically more complex and thus more interesting (to me at least) than pure flying and Manhattan is usually rendered large enough to actually feel like Manhattan (but obviously not to scale with actual Manhattan) so even the worst 3D open world Spider-Man game ends up being better than the very best 3D Superman game.

It’s staggering how few truly great super hero games there are when you think about how much could be done in video games to make super powered characters move and feel like they actually have super powers. I guess it’s just really hard to do overall.