Let's talk about Spider-Man games! (or Superhero Games in General)


I don’t know anything about the new game but I really like the way that Norman Osborne is the archetypal “Your best friend’s dad is a rich asshole” character, like that is such a pure and primal fear

Most impressive thing about Homecoming was transmuting that pubescent energy and enhancing it by going full-on into the “Your girlfriend’s dad is going to kill you” zone


damn ass there isna certain joy to doing apideys launcher from marvel vs capcom and then webbing a guy to the ceiling even if you can tell the developers didn’t think you’d try and it takes finagling

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the spider lore in this game runs so deep there’s even a joke about how marvel hated the way todd mcfarlane drew him

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where’s my kravens last hunt dlc marvel

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Hell yes.

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It’s insane to me that people are clamoring for the Raimi suit over suits like this.


I guess it’s just a matter of which decade you grew up in. Raimi suit might have some nostalgic value to some, and the shiny webbing on it might look good in game, but I will always 100% take something like Cyborg Spider-man over another boring regular version.

Like one of the other suits in this pack is the one from Into the Spider-verse which makes sense in a cross-marketing way but like come on, come onnnn.

Anyway I know which suit I’m going through all these dlcs with. If you want the Raimi suit just replay Spider-Man 2, it’s still there and still awesome.


Okay now everyone’s happy lol.

Real talk that screenshot looks so much like the poster for the movie that that’s what I thought it was at first.

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The new DLC is alright.

I’m still not 100% done with it, but it wraps up the story threads the DLC introduces well enough.

Kinda appreciate that they figure folks are probably pretty sick of some of the repeating side activities. 9 collectibles, only 3 base challenges, four or five Screwball challenges, and the usual mess of 5 crimes per district, this time in the southern region of Manhattan (as always, those take the longest to grind out).

Overall I’d say it was worth it? But maybe if you space it out a month between playing each chapter, like it was released. Every time a new chapter would hit I’d go back and realize “Ah yeah this game is really fun to move around in,” and by like hour four when I was feeling sick of the combat, it was over.

I…guess that’s OK!

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Fired this up last night and found out the dlc suits have to be unlocked by playing the dlc so, uh, guess I’ll save cyborg spidey for new game + since that’s the last one that will unlock being the newest.


Jamie Fristrom did a GDC post-mortem where he talked about developing the swinging mechanics for Spider-Man 2.

There were also a couple other GDC talks this year about the most recent PS4 Spider-Man.

Video games are complex!


Houdini is some next-level stuff, we’re belatedly catching up to it


Can’t wait to see what you’re using it for.


For real there were a LOT of Spider-man talks at GDC this year I don’t know if they’ll upload them all but I hope they do.


Elan Ruskin is notable for giving the excellent talk about fuzzy dialogue pickers that I’ve implemented for three three different non-dialogue systems:

That heuristic is so useful to so many complex ‘picking’ problems.

plus he was the nicest industry guy to play my IGF game when I was a wee student


i picked Spider-Man PS4 up cos it was on sale and i needed a palate cleanser after getting stressed out playing divinity 2

it’s pretty cool so far, but the weird rubber faces on the people freak me out in close ups. i feel like it’s a weird failure of cognition that people don’t look at this stuff when it’s in development and reconsider going for photo-realism. it’s a comic book adaptation, make it look like a comic book…

anyway, the game itself is pretty cool. something about combat hasn’t quite clicked with me yet but i’m getting there. it does feel a little bit random though, not being able to deliberately target specific enemies is taking some getting used to. it’s also weird that there’s no button to snap the camera behind your back

i like that it is set 10 years into spider-man’s existence but octavius and osbourne are still not monsters. though i guess that makes the plot kind of predictable.


How can we get the folks who engineer the cell shading in the Guilty Gear and Dragon Ball FighterZ to do the graphics for a comicbook video game.

I’d settle for the animators on Spider-Verse. They’re owned by Sony, maybe they have some ideas.


The combat is all about dodging, jumping and hitting the triangle button to zip to the nearest enemy. Mash the square button to get some hits in, use l1/r1 to grab objects from the environment and then zip to the next nearest guy to do it again. Bring out the gadgets when things start getting hairy.

But mainly just keep moving. Don’t worry about attacking one enemy until they’re down just keep moving and eventually you’ll come back around and land a finishing blow.

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