Let's just talk about Star Wars forever


we added a swordfight to Jane Eyre


The films I made in high school made extensive use of my best friend’s hobby of creating crude metal swords and chain mail.


We built a lego city in an aquarium and flooded it for our remake of Clash of the Titans. I think we also had Zeus played by a Mick (from Rocky) action figure.


In highschool, our “films” were exclusively in Japanese. Because my main movie making pals were all in Japanese class with me. and Script writing was a great way to stretch our grammar notes.


In 8th grade Latin we had to make a group project based on one of the chapters of the book, in which a cart breaks down and a couple of brothers have to wait for a ride to get them. We added that they fell asleep waiting and made a Legomation dream sequence of every Lego we had fighting in a giant war for no reason. We got a C


We also did a lot of skits for our Japanese class. In these skits, we would often try to make puns in Japanese and juxtapose situations. We (from a small town out west) took one of our skits “Tea Ceremony on a Train”, to Seattle and won 2nd place in a Japanese skit competition!


I had to give a presentation in Marine Biology that i had footage of dolphins play over and right when the speech ended the ending to Jaws played.


In my high school public speaking class I chose to do a speech on videogame violence specifically so I had an excuse to bring my PSX and play GTA3 in front of the whole class




I used a camcorder to record my computer screen while I played Heroes of Might and Magic II and then I brought that tape to my 9th grade speech class and oh god why did I do that


PS2 whatever the fuck


You weren’t even born yet for christ sake


I kno, I’m just teasing


Wait I was joking about you not being born yet but doing the math that might be close to true?? What the fuck???


I did a documentary in the style of Roger and Me by Michael Moore but about waterboarding


In high school I made a movie about a ball-point pen that murders people. Discovered that the vinegar in ketchup makes it a bad blood substitute around mouths.

Later in high school we did a few scenes of MacBeth with choreographed martial arts fights, as we were all in some form of martial arts at the time.

Not quite as good as the time we rewrote a scene from Bram Stoker’s Dracula where my male-identifying ass crossdressed as Lucy and had Van Helsing’s stake pop one of my balloon breasts (I then made a pierced nipple joke; we were shitty teens)

I was really comfortable putting on a dress for a play, but one time when I lost a bet and had to wear a kilt was really uncomfortable for me. Go figure.


it sounds like you all had much more interesting high school work than I did. However, I was expelled for a year and then spent the remaining two years doing makeup credits. my only prominent memory of a project was a presentation on the novelization of westworld where I preceded to talk about jurassic park a lot.


in high school I took a lot of naps and built a scaffolding around “we all die someday what’s the point”


I was drunk every other day and had relationships and interactions with human beings and still got excited about things so it was the high point of my life