Let's just talk about Star Wars forever


teenagers fuckin suck


that was certainly a reminder of why I never go to the cinema anymore, especially for movies like that


well fwiw I saw it twice and neither time were there any obnoxious teenagers making fun of it. there was one guy who was real excited and was ‘whooping and hollering’ a lot during the final battle. several people were openly bawling at the end.


I mean, Star Wars has already flirted with incest.


Oh no I disagree with this, seeing movies in the theater is only way to tolerate most of them. I mean jesus can you imagine watching Avengers Endgame at home alone on your couch, there’s only so much Flow Free you can play


normally I prefer movies alone but I purposefully went to see it early so there’d be a bunch of kids who give a shit getting excited about things around me


Avengers is best watched on a big screen because there’s so much stuff on the screen at any given time and that’s just a mess on even a big TV at home, so I agree to an extent. But my audience experience sucked (I mean, I’m not going to the theater to have a guy next to me check his phone every five minutes - he could have been playing Flow Free, idk and saying “Thor” every time Thor appears in a scene) and so, yeah, would rather watch at home. The solution of course is a projector but we don’t have the wall space for it

I never had this bad of an experience watching Star Wars though and that’s the next movie I’ll go out for, so I’ll be fine. Star Wars fans - the ones that actually care and see the movies in theaters instead of complaining about women online - are pretty alright. Alright movie goers, at least


happy birthday george lucas


This is exactly the reason to go to the theater, people are interesting and movies are spectacles


If the TV is big and beautiful enough, I can own the Blu-ray for the price of two theater tickets. And I can control the volume. I have sensitive ears. And I don’t have to pay extra for a recliner.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a great theater. But its hardly worth it anymore. Especially now that the majority of movies are shot digital.


if any of you havent seen it
come for the studio banners thst definitely didnt stay around longer thsn thisnfilm took to shoot
stay for honestly a good 1v1


I just remembered how I was like ten years old, at my mom’s work friend’s house, and her husband’s disgusting thirty something nerd ass friend was like laughing at me for thinking the lightsaber fighting in revenge of the sith was cool. He showed me this and was like listen kid this is a real fucking lightsaber fight. Jesus christ what a reprobate he must have been.


revenge of the sith has great lighstaber fights only matched by revenge of the sith: the official game of the movie having a (to my teenaged self) legitimately compelling versus mode


I remember watching this before the dark times; before the YouTube.


Can any of you star wars experts explain what this star wars reptile has to do with coding? I don’t get it.

Also make sure to get your official Ewoks cartoon shirt.



I wouldn’t even recognize that as Star Wars so…


Damn I didn’t realize I was that old


man i have so many high school memories of dicking around with our AV program’s Avid editing tools and trying to help my Star Wars superfan friend make his pvc pipe lightsaber fights he would choreograph on the soccer field or in workshop rooms like that video.

this was also when Kill Bill came out so there was some bouncing back and forth between this and Tarantino parody videos. lots of airsoft guns and briefcases and awkward teens wearing thrift store suits


I did a video for a final project on “Crime and Punishment” that was just like a sequence of poorly conceived and executed references to Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, The Matrix, and generic Tarantino bullshit RIP my innocence and naiveté