Let's just talk about Star Wars forever


I mean, with regard to my opinion? Not too blunt. I posted this on twitter and said “this is garbage,” but decided to be more diplomatic here. I hate it for all the reasons you say.


Yeah wow this was not good at all. Agreeing with most of the complaints here, but I also kept noticing how they couldn’t decide how long a lightsaber is.


ryan vs dorkman is still the best lightsaber fight pass it on


Deep cut; correct opinion

I keep bringing my external HDD to sbcon meaning to do a screening of Star Wars fanfilms as 140x140 quicktime windows but I never get around to it


if jj abramd had any balls thadt be the release format of episode 8


does anyone know how the gaudy kenobi / vader lightsaber duel remake was made? it looks like some of it is obviously just sort of manipulating footage from the original or adding new backgrounds and effects and stuff, but other shots seem completely new. are they just full cgi? i get that this thing is distasteful aesthetically and narratively but i think it’s still kind of cool from a technical perspective. like, this is much more sophisticated than most of the attempts ive seen online to edit the three prequels into one decent movie. they all just seem sloppy to me.

while i also get that it is bad i don’t really understand the virulent hate for it. but i guess all the comments of people like ‘i’m going to edit this in to my file of episode iv’" are kind of irritating. i think after the special editions came out maybe i just decided that the original star warses might be cooler as a kind of endlessly remixable thing. i want to see every bad taste star wars nerd make their own perfect vision of what the movies should look like. though yeah i would probably prefer this community to focus more on reimagining the prequels because i think there’s a lot more potential for improvement there.

someone should do the inverse of this, and recreate the climactic battle from Episode I so that it is a tense standoff with no acrobatics


I’m no technical expert, but it looks like they had new people do the new fight, put them in a CGI’d set, and superimposed Ben’s head when necessary. Maybe they even used something like deepfakes. I dunno.

I agree that it is pretty impressive as a fan project. The effects look pretty good. And Opinions aside about directing/editing: I like the implications that this would have been our first preview at what it looks like when real force pros get it on.


This is cool, it’s like a nihilistic space nazi recruitment video. Join the empire, you’ll probably die but you’ll get to have the most expensive ships and look hot


Comparing this to the lightsaber scenes in the prequels is giving this short too much credit.


I just realized that the rise of skywalker refers to one person. I was somehow thinking it was about the skywalkers, plural. That’s more mysterious than I thought and I like it


Much of the internet seems to think it means the name itself. As a moniker for a new order, replacing the Jedi.

I think that’s really dumb. personally. But a ton of people are supporting the idea and I’ve even seen more than a couple of people claim they thought of it on their own. **(I don’t mean anyone on this forum. This is not directed at any of the talk on this forum).

I don’t think its that and I hope it isn’t that. As I said before, I think its probably referring to Kylo Ren. As he is the only known, living Skywalker.


Yeah, see, the name in German is Der Aufstieg Skywalkers, which is one person. If it were the name itself it would be Der Aufstieg der Skywalker. So that clued me in. Unless I’m totally off base here and my language skills are failing me


That’s interesting. I think the English title was meant to be ambiguous, pre-release. But there is only one known Skywalker, at this point. So, that possible meaning from the German title, makes sense.


Here is the title in other languages, maybe someone else can chime in and tell us if there is a non-ambiguous one. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2527338/releaseinfo

Edit: O pólemos ton ástron just means Star Wars, I wasn’t using my head lol

Edit2: lol is this for real, the Russian title is “Star Wars: Skywalker. Sunrise”?

Edit3: and the Polish one is Star Wars: Skywalker - rebirth! The plot thickens…


When I saw the trailer for the first time with sound the other day before Endgame I got much more of a “nooooo whhhyhhy danger danger” vibe from it



What did you think of Endgame? Did you like that the Endgame was American football with the infinity gauntlet?


God damn it I’ve scrupulously been avoiding everything to do with that show and now I’m going to have to have some peripheral contact with it. I am very unhappy about this.


I wrote about it in the thread for it, there were a few good moments but overall blah


gotta go look for that thread then. Yeah, the Avenger movies are always the weakest Marvel films, so it was no surprise to me. People around me in the theater were bored out of their skulls, I could tell. And they made fun of the emotional moments, so I don’t think they quite worked. This was all teenagers though