Let's just talk about Star Wars forever


Almost like the prequels should have been written/directed to align closer to the first movie instead of needing the reverse.


That is something I would like to see. Since the way they have changed the backgrounds in this short is pretty seamless, I wonder if it would be possible to take the prequel characters out of the weird CGI settings of the original movies and put them back into like normal deserts and forests and stuff.

I get that in the prequels they wanted to create even more otherworldly environments for the little space men to run around in but I honestly don’t think the tech was there yet. Weirdly if you rewatch Phantom Menace this sort of thing is much more understated, and it’s about the only thing in that movie I like better than the other prequels. But in episodes II and III everything looks kind of like a mid 90’s computer game with prerendered backgrounds. I guess that’s cool in its own way but it doesn’t hold up as well as the spraypainted cardboard sets and beautiful actual earth landscapes of the OT.


I have very little doubt that George Lucas would LOVE this


Maybe I’ve mentioned this on the forums before, and maybe you’ve already listened to it, but one of the early Blank Check With Griffin And David episodes (when they were still doing their Prequels bit) has them going into just how not-there the tech was for Episode 2’s production with a filmmaker who has some insight into that side and it’s really interesting!

George just wanted to do an all-green/bluescreen movie, he didn’t care that they weren’t ready. The technicians had to figure it out as they went along. A lot of that movie is shit that people pitched to him. “I think I can do X.” Then they’d be in their corner building it on their computer for a year.



I am so confused because the editting and shot composition is awful in that video. So many shots about being badass and have a kungfu fight with laser swords.


This is hilarious, I’m very in favor of people making kamen rider shit in their garage.


this is the same pathology which drives people to edit out the rat at the end of the departed. just shut the fuck up and watch the movie. your ideas aren’t that good



Not sure what the problem is there? Part of the Planet is in darkness the same as when you see a three quarter moon


clearly it’s gravitational lensing from the supermassive planet Alderaan, whose inhabitants hide their Bones-O-Plasteel beneath humanlike skin. The xenocidal Galactic Empire’s first target was, unsurprisingly, the alien species most easily disguis—


Oh wait is that purple ring in the actual video and not just added by someone trying to illustrate the moon not being round?


a The Departed edit where there’s a CGI rat hidden in every scene


its the stars right


ahhhhh yep, couldn’t see them on my phone


I’ve said this before but the fact that the first time we finally see Yoda fight with a lightsaber he’s some kind of superball-cum-cuisinart instead of an impassive master barely moving his blade but somehow blocking all the craziness coming his way is a synecdoche for the gross failure of the prequels


superball cum cuisinart


Here’s a Star Wars fan-film inspired by 80’s anime


Super ball-cum cuisinart


That was pretty great


I hope I’m not too blunt when I say this sucked a lot and felt like someone really loved the 30 minute long fight scenes of revenge of the sith.

Camera just swinging wildly all over, fight not having any narrative weight behind its ebb and flow, noxious voice over and musical choices, total misunderstanding of what made the original fight work at all (because so many people are convinced it doesn’t work and they’re wrong)