Let's just talk about Star Wars forever


That seems terribly unpleasant and wildly sexist! What the fuck!


They replaced Chuck Wendig for this.


Darth is cancelled


Wanting to understand more about what’s going on I found this Twitter thread.

Don’t let men make things anymore, please!


Yeah that’s just totally off…


R.I.P. Peter Mayhew


I have now btw


R.i.P indeed. My girlfriend and I both did a sad Chewie growl in his honor. He brought that character to life and brought a lot of joy to a lot of people



@a_new_duck I thought that was gonna be this


Oh jesus, I didn’t even know that existed when I made this.


big episode 9 spoilers


This thing’s spreading all over

The unbridled fan froth over this video makes me realize how much I hate fans of things, and also basically everything.


It is pretty impressive just from a technical standpoint, and it has much cleaner editing than most fan re-edits I’ve seen. But yeah I don’t really think this is necessary for the movie. Although, I am one of those irritating fans that always finds the Vader / Kenobi lightsaber duel to be kind of underwhelming when you are watching the movies in narrative sequence so I appreciated the attempts to make it more tense & visually dynamic. I don’t think any of the flashback dialogue stuff works though.

EDIT: I don’t really like to shit on George Lucas all that much, but honestly changes like this seem like a more interesting approach to a “Special Edition” than just adding in CGI fart jokes into the background.


the music and the very beginning of the duel with that idiotic flourish just completely ruin it though

like it is actually a nice bit of work if the person who made it had any restraint or aesthetic sense at all


Star Wars!


Oh yeah, from a technical perspective, it’s a nice achievement for a fan film. And I could hear an argument about how the scene it’s recreating in the film is a little underwhelming. But it’s so out of tone with what the film is doing in this sequence (and I think the overall aesthetics for the short’s action direction are tired and, tbh, boring, no matter how well-executed otherwise), that it actually pisses me off.


I’ve only had a chance to watch it without sound, but I do appreciate the effort to reconcile Vader and Obi-Wan’s abilities with where other current cannon sources (Rogue One and Rebels respectively) display them prior to this duel.

If this scene was in A New Hope and you were watching it for the first time, however, it might not make sense. All we’d seen of the force was choking, mental manipulation, and extending senses… none of the effortless telekinesis that would later become a staple. Seeing this fight in your first Star Wars movie would probably be jarring.


I kind of like the Galaxy of Adventures shorts for this reason, and honestly would be sort of morbidly curious to see what it would look like if they animated all of the first six movies in a similar style with the original dialogue and sound design.


I feel what y’all are saying, but I think I just found words for a big reason I hate the prequels that I was never able to express.