Let's just talk about Star Wars forever


Well, The Mandalorian takes place only like 5 years after Return of The Jedi. So, it has mostly the same look as old Star Wars. So that may be why it feels more on the nose.

I like Force Awakens well enough and liked Last Jedi even a little more. However, the new coat of paint doesn’t completely read, for me. I think Rogue One is the best of the Disney Star Wars, so far. And then add in that due to its chronological placing—it looks like Star Wars. So yeah, I like Rogue One best. And The Mandalorian looks great.

*Also, I thought Solo was doing the Firefly thing, quite a bit. I liked that movie, too. but wished they had done something other than a train heist. Because that was kind off crossing the line for me, on the shades of Firefly.

Well they had the Starkiller Base in Force Awakens so I’m not sure why their seems to be some widespread negativity about seeing a piece of a death star in the new trailer.


Let’s all remember that Boba Fett is not actually Mandalorian, he just had Mandalorian armor. From no one knows where. So I don’t think this is going to be that much like the Boba we know


…from his dad.


I wasn’t really a fan of Starkiller base either, tbh


Not quite! Boba actually had different armor early on in his career and only later acquired the green Mandalorian armor. It’s apparently not his father’s with a paint job. But yeah, I don’t know if there’s a worthwhile story in there. Jango was adopted by a Mandalorian I believe


Starfucker Base


Would this make the First Order actually be Starfuckers, Inc?


Important news today:


torrid affair with multiple fish nuns threatened to tear his island retreat apart imo


sorry mark but luke is ace this is canon


Vader torching dudes at the end of Rogue One kicked ass

The real problem with Rogue One is the problem with all movies, which is not enough Donnie Yen


I could approve of rogue one if it had d yen fighting d vader then dying a tragic beautiful death. That would’ve been sick, actually. Damn they should let me make these fanboy ass movies.


Rogue One is my favorite SW movie and the Vader scene was the best part, just like it was the best part of Episode III. That movie monster just can’t help but steal the show


fun to imagine an alternate universe where instead of getting sequels that explored the space opera aspects and luke’s heroes journey Star Wars just became a franchise that was like a slasher movie in space where Vader just shows up and murders people on different planets


I hope we’ll have youngsters growing up that revere Rogue like I did Terminator 2. It’s a beautiful, tragic action movie with depth.


I’d be up for that



If I Produced More Content


Not one for graphic tees typically but I must have