Let's just talk about Star Wars forever


i think kyle’s single, fashionable pauldron gives him the edge over dash’s 80’s business woman pauldrons. narrowly


Pauldrons should make a comeback. In Star Wars and life.


You’re in luck, World of Warcraft Classic coming out this year



As a nondescript white guy I’m never going to get tired of being vaguely represented in media by white dudes doing cool things and this is one of the reasons why it’s good that everyone eventually dies and gets replaced by hopefully a better breed of person. That said, the white guy in Fallen Order just seems boring, I agree. Hopefully the writers did a decent job and at least he’s going somewhere interesting




I too have read that EU book about Marty Stu Kyp Durron and his stolen Superweapon That Totally Trumps The Death Star that’s too powerful to keep in anyones hands. After teenage angst and REVENGE Kyp eventually destroys the ship through near heroic self-sacrifice because he managed to stuff himself inside a tiny message pod because Jedi prior to dropping the ship into a black hole.

Right, the spiders. They feed on Bogeys (canon non-canon name), will-o-wisp like things that can phase through everything EXCEPT those spider’s webbing. Kyp makes the spiders that were pursuing him, Han and Chewbacca think there was a Bogey nearby away from them.


I hope we finally get to see what the Midichlorians look like, and that they are just tiny floating George Lucas heads


I want the Midichlorians to look like Tardigrades.

These. In your blood. That’s the Force.


These, but with the face of George Lucas, humming along with the power of the force


I’m back to say that The Mandalorian looks awesome (I saw the two leaked teasers).

Kylo Ren is a Skywalker. The title is probably referencing him. Whether he goes dark side or light side, the title works.


New Star Trek already did a thing with these.

And here are watchable versions of The Mandalorian leaks, if anyone is interested.


Was it here that someone posted that theory about Rey being a clone of Luke’s severed hand? I think that’s hilarious and so comic bookish. I mean I hope it’s not true and it’s all about that bad boy Kylo


I feel like I’ve subconsciously always thought they looked like this?


The mandatorian looks good, and I will probably watch it and enjoy it because that’s the kinda girl I am.

But that being said…

  • Basing a dude closely on the version of boba fett in the holiday special for a gritty space western is fucking wild
  • This seems like it’s kinda trying to project a very spiritual sequel to Firefly vibe. Wether that’s good or bad, I dunno. But that’s definitely my read here.
  • The door droid guard I saw in one clip, with the gonk droid felt much more on the nose than most of the Disney Star Wars stuff has felt up until this point, I dunno.

Like I said, I’ll probably enjoy this but there is a…distinctly fanservicey vibe to this whole thing.


disney star wars


Nah, not like this. This isn’t just ‘hey remember some thing about Star Wars remixed’ this is ‘literally visually identical things’

Like even Han Solo was less blatant with it’s Han shot first moment.

And Rogue One and the Last Jedi were hardly pure fanservice pieces either.

And Rebels mostly did it’s own thing, even if it very much was a continuation of the Clone Wars


i think vader pwning all the noobs at the end kind of destroyed any goodwill i had towards the occasionally interesting choice in rogue one.


That scene totally worked in the context of the movie and really builds tension going into the original star wars if you watch rogue one between trilogies, IMO.


i’m the person that wanted a fade to black when the death star obliterated everyone