Let's just talk about Star Wars forever


I feel like I got some bad vibes from this, like the rebuilding the helmet scene looks like a nod from JJ to the fanboys saying “don’t worry guys, we heard your complaints and we will fix this”

And I guess they really really wanted to bring back the Death Stars yet again for some reason


Abrams said “we need to make sure this film also works for people who don’t know star wars but also it is a finale for a series of 8 movies”. If something is going to try and please everyone it is going to please no one say Rudie who will see it opening day.


I tuned in to the stream to see Respawn’s game and the thing immediately before it was the theme park panel talking about how they worked with coke to make coke packaging in aurebesh and I had a brief moment of disbelief but no of course it’s real


i’m going to enjoy the park’s immersive storytelling experience as i learn about how the Space Coke company made their beverages cheaper than water and also now Jawas are dying en masse of dehydration


The space coke dasani is killing me

Finn springs awake in the jakku desert, reaches for an ice cold bottle of image


Fuck yes, Debra Wilson is the mentor character in Fallen Order



So EA cancelled a single-player Star Wars game citing “fundamental shifts in the marketplace”, made two Battlefront games, and then… went back to making a single-player Star Wars game.



I’d watch a Bruce LaBruce Star Wars movie.


I think this is a sign of Respawn’s relative autonomy more than anything else. Stig joined Respawn in 2014 and I’m guessing this project’s been in development as long if not longer than Ragtag was. Ragtag was saddled with the game dev equivalent of studio notes while Respawn’s been plucking away at this in their typical iterative design fashion.


They’ve mentioned before her scenes for IX (or at least what IX was planned ot be at that point) were already shot.

Homestuck updated today and maybe I blame you for summoning it by uttering its name too close to the magical date.


The stories that came out of that sounded like fractured studio leadership which is absolutely killer. If the team doesn’t have confidence in leadership or executives don’t have confidence in leadership you’re boned. If you get it from both sides it’s killer.

EA was trying to spin up new studios and shift the culture of a crumbling existing one and given the burden of a $150m+ budget and their most valuable license it makes a lot of sense to pull the plug rather than ship something noncompetitive at twice the intended budget and years late.

DICE is EA’s crown jewel studio and while they always seem to ship a few months premature they were thought to be a safe bet.

Respawn’s track record so far is on-time and high-quality at relatively low-budget so I think they made a confident pitch right before Titanfall 2 launched. I did some interviews for this game a year ago and it sounded like it was just exiting preproduction so my read is that they weren’t too early.



both werner herzog and carl weathers are in the not boba fett online star wars show and i’m just like so pissed i’m going to have to sign up for another subscription to watch this


yeah that’s just fire

I don’t know about the fallen order trailer, it’s kinda not that interesting… yet. I’m sure they’ve got more in store but I’m not seeing the potential yet


KH3 looks great


i don’t want to be petty but honestly when i saw that the protagonist was a like youthful lookin white dude i got kind of bored. for a moment i was like maybe they will let you design your own character but then still have a story mass effect style but then they brought out the guy doing mo cap for him and it’s The Joker from TVs Gotham so yeah

honestly if we have to have boring white dudes as protagonists in 2019 at least make them as hot as Geralt damnit


there are plenty of ways to make white dudes not boring, like having them be kyle katarn for instance



Kyle Katarn is basically Luke Skywalker crossed with Han Solo… with attitude… and is, hilariously, not the same person as Dash Rendar, who could also be described in exactly those terms

but jedi knight: dark forces 2 is a good ass video game so i’m ok with it