Let's just talk about Star Wars forever


TIE Fighter is no longer cannon, but they actually make the distinction: Vader was flying the TIE Advanced Mk 1, a prototype unit. The actual TIE Advanced that went into production had pointed foils in the front and back, similar to the TIE Interceptor.

Most of the new ships in TIE Fighter aren’t cannon anymore, except for the TIE Defender, which Rebels brought back into the core along with Thrawn.


We are at most 3 movies away from Fast and Furious in Space.


After Solo, I am 100% down for this kind of movie


When are they gonna get to the fireworks factory


idk but i’m almost positive f9 is gonna be the installment where they’re on a baseball team


Hoping that “Skywalker” is actually a reference to the ranch (which is now air/spaceborne), and that it’s also the location of the film’s climax.

Granted, I’m still debating whether the final battle should be a verbal debate with both sides trying to convince George Lucas to retcon the other out of existence, or a simple chili cook-off with 20 clones of Palpatine acting as judges.


they don’t have to retcon anything about Rey because the Skywalker who is Rising is Kylo Ren

it’s the prequel trilogy in reverse y’all


The Curious Case of Anakin Button


Actually kind of sad Mr. Kill The Past is fixing his busted cosplay gear.


Whoa, Suda’s fallen on hard times, huh.


can’t wait for jj to deliver this series’ The Return of the Jedi but without the virtue of space bears that will eat people :frowning:


btw has anyone figured out whose voice that is in the trailer? it doesn’t sound like luke

maybe it’s broda, yoda’s cooler older brother



Hell yes.


If it’s poetry, third verse started predictably, they tried switching the flow up and people couldn’t follow, now it’s back to the old schemes and references


I thought the laugh was palaptine just to make this story super boring.


I took Rise of the Skywalker to mean Luke had been out there “seeding” the galaxy with his illegitimate children (that’s who the orphans are from The Last Jedi).

That or they mistyped it and it’s actually meant to be Rise of the Skinwalker and Disney is just taking the franchise out with some really wiggity woo woo shit.


oh my god are we really going to get a ‘kylo rebuilds his darth vader cosplay outfit’ montage?

i hope the manbaby legions are satisfied


I mean whatever happens this era produced easily the best piece of star wars media since like, fun early 90s EU stuff (and probably since empire), I’d be amazed if they can keep that up


You’re talking about the scene in Solo where they put NOS in the Millennium Falcon, right?