Let's just talk about Star Wars forever


Like, she’s probably taking the name on herself, right? (She doesn’t have a surname, right?)




So that scrap of Death Star wreckage (on Yavin IV? Endor?) and Palpatine’s laugh…



I miss Todd. :frowning:


yeah i too got chills and then the title bummed me right the heck out,

i’ve had it with these motherfuckin walkers in my motherfuckin sky


After Last Jedi gave a middle finger to the idea that there was only really one important bloodline in the universe, it kind of sucks to see the next movie veering back on that bullshit.


i am assuming that “skywalker” is just the in universe rebrand of “jedi” ?


One thing I struggle with lately is dealing with the fact that I love Imperial Starfighters thanks to growing up with TIE Fighter as one of my most beloved games, but that they are fascist symbols for groups that compare really fuckin’ well to Nazis.

That being said, that TIE Interceptor-looking craft skimming the ground on Jakku looks tight as fuck and I want to fly one.


I was so taken with the shot of the tide/debris that I didn’t pay attention to “no one’s ever really gone”

Sheev: [laughs]

God damn it.


Still can’t get over that his name is Sheev.


(Professor Bros. voice) FUCKING SHEEV


Seriously, I didn’t know that and I wish I didn’t know that.


Some things are best left unknown.

Star Wars is an excellent case study in this.


It’s ok - you’re not watching Hux’s speech from TFA and nodding along because it’s some good wille zur macht. TLJ was indirectly interesting on the ships - they have different symbolism and aesthetics, like an M4 and an AK, but they’re all weapons that hundreds of people build and a single person uses to kill.

That the “evil”/fashy ships look cool to us is a tiny social harm compared to, say, uncritical viewings of American Sniper.

p. sure that is specifically Kylo’s, having… built the lego set…


Yeah, might be the same thing he was flying in TLJ.


He gets a super special fighter just like technically distinct from grand-pappy’s because he’s all grown up and a Big Boy now.

On reflection, I got the sense that the TIE Advanced was just a prototype and not Vader’s vanity plate Corvette but then they gave him a hilarious mount doom castle in Rogue One.


I’ve never been one to say “MOOD” on Twitter, but it arose spontaneously within me, much like the true uttering of the nembutsu, when I read this:


As if to say, don’t worry, some people have bigger problems, Disney would like you to hold its beer.


Here’s a Too Real classic.


I’m just holding out for Fast and Furious in Space (I :yellow_heart: Star Trek Beyond) but they’re giving me crumbs here with Poe’s silly NOS setup gone awry. I think Fast and Furious in Space might happen before Star Wars gets there. (Huge fucken wasted opportunity with Solo.)