Let's just talk about Star Wars forever


Somewhat, in an inverted monkey’s paw situation? https://scrap.tf/raffles/H079XG

WELP, shit, monkey’s paw: https://me.me/i/death-star-wasan-inside-job-stay-wookie-fam-stay-woke-2498656


“COLLECT MEME” Is the worst thing on that page


I wish I wasn’t this person but I’ll never stop being this person


i know i don’t really need to be doing this in here (or at all) but the longer this bullshit goes on with stupid internet men losing their shit over TLJ the more i just feel compelled to do something about it

god damnit i am a stupid idiot for star wars, a grown ass adult who still spends hours thinking about these movies and revisiting them and reconsidering weird little moments in all of the movies and i’ll probably watch the entire saga every year as long as disney keeps earning money putting out new ones

and the last jedi is a good movie and rose tico is a great character and kelly marie tran is great at pretending to be her, and all of these people who are losing their shit because they think otherwise have no fuckin clue what they’re talking about

its ridiculous

ok im done sorry


Honestly at this point what’s even weirder are the people who are like “TLJ was the worst Star Wars movie but it’s not for all the horrible Nazi/MRA reasons those sickos have”


Rose is the best new character


she was the soul of the rebellion in the movie and turns finn from self interested survival into not just a rebel who enjoys getting back at the imperials but keeps focus on the important thing, which is protecting the people and things they care about, so it’s no wonder her character is totally inscrutable and seen as serving no purpose to sociopaths for whom terrorizing women comes so naturally.


Best character is tractorbeam Leia


Or the milking beast


The more I sit around thinking about it, the more I love the idea that 7 is Han’s movie, 8 is Luke’s movie and 9 is Leia’s movie, except now that can’t be possible because of shitty mortality.


I like that idea but it’s too bad Han’s movie was super boring


It was but Han & Kylo were great.


Threeepios time to shine.


They’ve all been R2’s movies imho


Why did you turn me on without skin oh the agony


ewok jedi




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I now read that this is not true and they are not on hold. Sorry, no source because I’m not that good at remembering things