Let's just talk about Star Wars forever


i’d watch a rogue squadron movie


For some reason, I always thought “Gold Leader” had a great ring to it.


i found this stuff to just be part of why the film felt so flat to me, v little added to his character that isn’t done better in other films.


As in, he’s shown to be the same character as he was in the original trilogy; a rogue with a heart of gold. Couldn’t even have him be a full-out smuggler or Imperialist like they postured with going to Kessel (which should’ve been about drugs or slaves not this newly invented hyperspace fuel resource) and his four year tenure with the Imperial navy/army that was papered over, respectively. Lando has better character progression!

Techno-babble is fine but fuck if it ends up being the correct way to solve a problem because it’s literally indistinguishable from magic. In a film with no Jedi in it, too!


Yea this is why I thought it worked though–his reaction to this in the film is to sort of brashly react against it by killing not-Yondu the next time he sees him thus ‘proving’ to himself that he isn’t really a good guy, but of course everyone knows that eventually he’ll come around again. i sort of like that this film makes it so he always has instincts to sort of help people out in times of need, and that his badass persona is more or less just posturing, and a way to survive when surrounded by other people who are also assholes. it actually makes his about-face at the end of ANH less incomprehensible.

i mean we all love Han Solo so much by now that that moment doesn’t really come across as a “twist,” but in the original context it seems like we’re supposed to be genuinely surprised that Han turned out to not be an asshole (a beat that is more or less repeated /exaggerated again with Lando reversing his double cross later on in the series)

so, given that Solo is a staple of the franchise so much that it is not at all shocking that he turns out to be a decent person at the end of ANH, it makes more sense to kind of work with creating a character that could plausibly murder someone in cold blood one moment, but at the same time not being able to resist ‘doing the right thing’ when the stakes are somewhat bigger.

and, it also makes his friendship with luke seem more powerful, bc that is what it took to get him to (temporarily) focus on ‘the greater good’ rather than just Doing Space Crimes and Occasionally Helping people

aaaaannd it even helps to make his seeming return-to-scoundrel form in ep vii a little more interesting, in that it is suggesting that having everything that gave him hope taken away from him has finally allowed him to just become the space asshole he always thought he would be. it’s sort of sad! i mean, the line ‘everyone is going to betray you’ or whatever is foreshadowing in Solo, but its even deeper foreshadowing if you consider the ultimate fate of the character. literally everyone!

also Kessel is canonically a Spice Mine, and the fact that what is being mined there is actually used to make fuel is just further proof that Star Wars takes place in the Dune universe

oh shit this is a Dune thread now. Sorry everyone.


The spice must flow


I hadn’t thought about how the falcon interior isn’t actually supposed to be yellow and brown and must smell awful


at :clap: least :clap: chewie :clap: eats :clap: people :clap:




I came out of this wanting a Wookie movie. like Avatar but set in Wookieland


This is the best one of these Disney Star Wars movies yet.


Make Wookie Movie with no dialogue and no subtitles, you cowards!


considering what an endurance test the endless wookie scenes in the holiday special are i am 100% down with this


shoutout to whoever is reading this thread secretly furious that we keep spelling wookie wrong


is this not enough for you


hey I wrote Kashyyyk right without looking, my duty is done


what is that? it just is 2 minutes and 20 seconds of Nothing to me


dude the prequels are secretly good, aren’t you hip to that yet? that tarzan yell! (I’m actually not being ironic, I do like them (now))

but that level sucked in the Lego Star Wars game. Endlessly spawning enemies. Although the beach part wasn’t even the worst of it.


not of these prequels that you speak, do I know


its the battle of kashyyyk, which establishes for absolutely no reason that not only is yoda tight with the wookiees, he is also personal friends with chewbacca


also i don’t even know if i should be posting about this for fear of a horrible self-fulfilling prophecy, but, even though I have no evidence, I’m absolutely certain and incredibly disappointed that someone has made a joke about “Woke-iees” wrt Solo and modern day Star Wars in general