Let's just talk about Star Wars forever


GIVE :clap: ME :clap: LOBOT :clap:


jaxxon or cancel the franchise tbh


You laugh but the Cloud Riders were in Solo


Could go for this pretty hard


I think a tv show would be perfect to do 1 or two episode bites which show little side stuff like that.


It should be scripted entirely in Ewoksprache with no subs


It should be furry Deadwood


Chewie and some ewoks sharing their respective experiences re: the taste of human flesh


want the story of the ewok that was pissing mad they didn’t get to cook and eat those tasty humans and then a bunch of their ewok brethren died fighting a battle they didn’t have to for these tall furless motherfuckers that should have been resting safe in their belly the night before


Hungry Boy Eats Empire And Rebellion Alike It All Tastes the Same To Him


Excuse you


Who built all these wooden huts on Kashyyyk then??




Exactly. wookie carpenters. Who also build star wars beds. Case closed!




This movie is the first MCU-feeling Star Wars movie and that’s a let down after The Last Jedi’s scorched earth canonfucking.

Donald Glover was perfect and they should have cast someone with a deeper voice to be Han, probably the Baby Driver.

Most of my enjoyment was chuckles at the EU references.

L3’s politics again shine a spotlight on the fact that slavery is widespread and no one seems too bothered about it. A better Anakin character arc would be Anakin as a rabid abolitionist after buying his freedom but leaving his mother behind. He should find the cannon fodder of the clones and droids disgusting and pledge loyalty to the radical centrist Palpatine. This is the “applying external logic to canon” point that is most frustrating and galaxy-brained to me.


yeah it really did just feel like the most cynical movie. like it was enjoyable to watch in a cinema just fucking empty.


Eh, I could have done without them. It’s like techno-babble (which was used in two problems back-to-back infuriatingly) in that it doesn’t add anything to the movie itself but rather lets die-hard fans who know the now non-canon backstory of the the movie universe wink and nod among themselves. Especially when there’s this emphasis when the characters talk about them. Do we learn something more when Qi’ra tells us she trained in Teras Kasi or should that scene have stood on its own that she can take care of herself?


because she says she learned it from Dryden Vos, it does kind of provide some set-up for their showdown in the film’s climax.

also, i guess i can see how this movie is in a lot of ways kind of cynical, but i can’t be the only person who found the payoff to the ‘i’m the only one who knows who you really are’ line (which is in the trailer) to be genuinely kind of moving wrt who Han is (or becomes) in the later movies


I love technobabble.

I also watch “Return of the Jedi SHIPS ONLY” on the reg, so

I am also in a weird spot where someone mentioned a bounty hunter from Clone Wars and my partner gasped and furiously texted Gorblax as soon as we left the theater.