Let's just talk about Star Wars forever


so Walter Chaw (a film critic I really like n respect) has declared this to be an irredemable trainwreck, and otherwise the buzz is generally positive

probably the first post-TFA Star War I’m mostly curious about watching because it could be legitimately terrible, what an exciting time to be alive… feels like 2002 all over again


Walter “Three and One Half Stars For Chronicles of Riddick” Chaw has been getting off on his own iconoclasm since he was mangiotto on epinions and u kno it


I will get to see this for free in a tiny, noisy room with the picture on an old 13 inch CRT fed by a security camera via composite and a single speaker shooting out all channels of audio

I’m excited


the first feedback I heard was almost totally positive and now I’ve read the metacritic score is about as low as that for attack of the clones, the second worst rated star wars movie after the phantom menace, so I’m confused

but whatever, I’ll watch it so I’ll make up my own mind. I’m super excited


Look all I need is two hours of good sets/costumes and the recent films have all done well on that so I’m on board.



I watched Solo! Am I the first one here or what? I’ll probably give my thoughts on it tomorrow.


Okay so first my personal opinion of the film. There won’t be any spoilers in this, unless you consider it a spoiler if I liked it or not and for what reasons. I’ll spoiler tag it anyway

I liked the film fine. When we came out of the cinema my girlfriend asked me how I liked it and I said gut but not sehr gut, which is school marks, meaning I’d give it a B but not an A. That opinion changed the more time passed. I liked it better and better the more I thought about it.
What initially bothered me was that there wasn’t enough of what I was expecting. I expected more humor and more action adventuring. Expected more cool Lando shit. I just wanted the movie to be denser with these things. But they were definitely there. There were laughs and there was action. What was there was really good, I just felt that it was sprinkled too far apart.
But then, I don’t think those expectations were realistic. It’s a movie not a stand up routine. It’s got its own pacing and I feel like it was paced well. I wasn’t bored at any point.
As soon as we were in the car to drive back home I wanted to see it again. Like literally just wanted to go sit down and watch it a second time. I liked it that much, apparently! That feeling just got stronger the more time passed. I really want to watch it as I am writing this. In part because I enjoyed it so much and in part to see all the stuff I probably missed.
So that’s my opinion. Later I’ll post more about what was actually in the movie, so that will be the real spoiler post.


Meanwhile there’s been an announcement that, of course, there’s a Boba Fett movie in the works.

It’s probably going to be a gritty origin story about what young Boba does after watching his pappy die, which might be cool only if it involves him icing a bunch of Jedi as part of Order 66 like some kind of grindhouse revenge flick. But it’s going to be like about his right of passage that gets him his mandalorian armor yada yada, or seeing him pick up the helmet and gaze into its visor will be the closing shot.

What the movie should be is him climbing out of the Sarlaac and being like “fuck this civil war shit let me just collect one more big bounty and retire”. Which is also some Basic Bitch Star Wars fan wish fulfillment but whatever.


This already happens in AotC

All I care about is whether or not they are willing to cast another Maori actor to play him

But yeah a post Sarlacc Boba Fett movie would be the superior choice

Old Man Fett


But it’ll be his own this time for the dramatic mirroring!


It’s like poetry… It rhymes


Being developed by the guy who did Logan so hey, decent chance!



Salacious Crumb Does Mos Eisley movie WHEN


ole Boba Tea escapes via biotelepathic argument with the spirit(?) of the Sarlacc’s first victim erasing the EU was a mistake


SOLO is very mad libs but doesn’t go extreme fanfic until that last holoskype. I was cackling on the inside.


Several varieties of spaceknife, I guess.


Yeah that was great. I mean maybe you’re saying it wasn’t but I thought it was great


getting myself psyched out for this movie by watching all of these intensely superior fan dubs of the trailer

i know pop music is corny as hell but for some reason it really works with the trailer footage and has me daydreaming about what an Actually Fun Star Warps Story with a soundtrack done a la the Black Panther soundtrack (carefully curated pop songs by actual good musicians) would look like