Let's just talk about Star Wars forever


These trailers have all been super underwhelming

Weird how woody harrelson just comes across as a low rent yondu

on the positive though all of the alien/robot designs are grungy as heck, they def capture that kind of wild and wooly atmosphere of ANH that is smoothed out in later movies (e.g. one of the cantina aliens in ANH is straight up just a dude in a werewolf mask)


Opie is a solid if unremarkable visual stylist.


Solo really should have been a season of syndicated television made in 1997 instead of the 2018 assembly line mess it appears to be.


says someone who is clearly less invested than I am in shipping earn and fleabag



that dog is killing me




Has anyone yet likened that one rebel lady to east Germany’s Margot Honecker?


As a fan of Star Wars at it’s worst, Therm Scissorpunch is a top tier character.


I dunno how much anybody here cared for Rebels and Clone Wars, but I liked both of them a lot.

I also really want more media set between Original and Sequel trilogies.

So I’m hyped up about this new show is aparently beinging all that together.

Not sure about anime inspired art direction, though.


I’m excited for faux-anime (I’m thinking Avatar?) instead of the angular CG they’ve been working with.



Love the new avatar


I feel like I’ll enjoy this movie if I pretend it’s not Star Wars like I never wanted an origin story for Han Solo, who even really cares.



Who is in the suit for young Chewy?


A Finnish actor named Joonas Suotamo, who has shared the role w Mayhew since TFA. It looks like this is the first one that Peter Mayhew is not doing. I heard in an interview with Alden Ehrenreich that Suotamo also does the Chewbacca voice, which is pretty cool. Although obviously they do enhance it afterward.


Solo is going to be so dope, you guyse

My body is ready for Star Wars action adventuring


actual non ironic spoiler for solo

han + chewie shower scene


Gonna be spending the weekend with the only Han Solo standalone adventure I need