Let's just talk about Star Wars forever


ok I’ve run into a problem and it’s that jedi are not supposed to kiss or hug??? how do I follow my heart but also not go against #canon???


oh wow I finally understand how darth anakin skykiller felt D:


In some ways you could say the jedi are encouraged to love!

Therm and Kit bring balance!


they can only love the no-kiss way, though

which, I mean, is how I prefer my love, but therm seems like a real space makeout artist who wants every love to be a kissing love


How did Denny’s get a better cantina scene than god damn JJ Abrams


If your man can cut a pear in half with his mind there’s no stopping the loving


The absolute best thing about the Hobbit Menu is how one of the things on it is just, like, thanksgiving



there is no way that can go wrong.


There is some sociological experiment that I won’t do of going through and seeing the percentage of entries that are violent.

I’m not gonna die in Saturday Ani.

I’m not gonna die in Lunchtime Ani.

I’m not gonna die in Marathon Ani.


Does it define younglings



I watched The Last Jedi a second time and liked it even more. I don’t L.O.V.E it. But I like it well enough. * and the special features added even more to the liking.*

And Rose is such a great new character. I’m sad the internet is trashing saying that Finn should be with Rey.


depending on how you count it’s anywhere from the second to the fourth time that they’ve made the best star war since empire

(I actually watched it for a second time today too, found myself fast forwarding a fair amount of exposition, but in general I really like the way it’s plotted – there are like 10+ essential character moments that weren’t at all a given to script or execute – and the leads are all really captivating.)


like it’s almost certainly the first time one of these movies hasn’t only been likable in spite of incompetent direction or has actually had its own thing to say to any extent in 35 years so that’s not bad


I do admit to wishing someone at Disney or whatever had been a little more anal about the canon implications of the big blammo because – thinking mainly of 90s EU stuff here – this is a franchise that was always so scrupulous about that sort of thing in a way that I don’t associate primarily with modern day nerd rage


the stupid thing is that Finn IS still with Rey. Rose just has a fangirl crush on Finn. it’s not meant to be some overblown romance plot, it’s a one-sided infatuation. and it’s so sweet and the complete opposite of what Hollywood Script Writer Agent B would have written.

so of course in 9 when HSWAB gets his stupid hands on the script we’ll get a steamy love triangle as Rose tries to undermine Rey and calls her a bitch silently cuz girls right?


What the fuck are you even talking about, Star Wars is just a big giant collection of random shit


yeah but it’s random shit that would at least go to endearing lengths to rationalize itself rather than being directly contradictory

they could’ve doctor who’d it and didn’t, is what I’m saying


Auralnauts quintupled down on the “dance numbers” in last laser master lol