Let's just talk about Star Wars forever


nah Luke did that because he genuinely didn’t want to fight, it was utterly fantastic

The casino thing is fun, it has a ride

The Holdo thing is obviously bad 4 canon but who cares, it works


Just to be clear, I thought Luke’s force projection was awesome. I just didn’t understand exactly why he died. Now I do. But a little bummed we didn’t get more movies with living Luke.

The fight with Snoke’s guards reminded me of the black phantom showdown in the dragon room, near the end of Demon’s Souls.


The next movie had better have Chewbacca tearing up some dark forces. His 3 best friends are dead.


yeah, he got such a good sendoff though. they did a really nice job with that character in the end. I don’t consider myself particularly invested in star wars and I can’t think of anything I’d have liked better.


would of been better if his projection bled gold


I highly recommend The Director and the Jedi documentary on the bonus features of the blu-ray. It makes the movie, which I loved, even better. It’s also the best documentary on the making of a massive blockbuster that exists, probably.

Seeing the sheer scale and ambition of the production, plus the incredible animatronics and puppet work that went into the Canto Bight sequence, makes me a little sad that pretty much everyone says that it should have been cut. It’s actually a marvel of production design, like the Mos Eisley scene radically expanded.


anyone who says it should’ve been cut lacks an appreciation of when plans don’t work out



I had to close that thread because it was embarrassing laughing my ass off by myself in the locker room :frowning:



benren may have left us, but his spirit lives on


right? it’s almost as though “failure” is an emergent theme in TLJ, recurring in an array of different scenarios!



I have fallen down a hole, reading youtube comments and twitter threads of people complaining about TLJ and “Ruin Johnson”. My eyeballs are bleeding and my brain hurts.



this is an amazing name for like, a bit character in a cop movie






what if therm was around when kit fisto was alive?

what if…

brb fanficing


I am extremely down with denny’s tiein menus they are usually delicious.


the hobbit burger thing was fucking amazing and hit at a time in my life that most nights were spent at shitty dive bars, and most mornings were spent looking for cheap hangover food.


how the hell you going to have a star wars theme menu and not have blue milk?


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