Let's just talk about Star Wars forever



I like the Cool Train. The production design looks pretty excellent across the board, but I’m not at all on board with Han yet. I don’t envy anyone tasked with being Harrison Ford, but still, I’m worried this may be a repeat of Valerian, in which my complete disdain for Valerian The Character nearly ruined the movie.



call me when they give Issa Rae or Armando Iannucci a Star Wars


Michael Schur Star Wars would be pretty good


Barry Jenkins coax wong kar-wai out of pseudo retirement to do Baze and Chirrut: The Early Years where they are both just monk-cops in Jeddha hanging out and clownin around and learning about life, and of course falling in love with each other


the good thing about ron howard and the game of thrones guys is at least with them it doesn’t feel like a generation of interesting movies aren’t being made because any mildly succesful indie is being sucked into The Blockbuster Zone


All I want is Ashes of Time in Space.


YOU get a star war and YOU get a star war and YOU get a star war!

everybody that was thinking of making a movie in the past will now instead make a star war


My new favorite way to derive enjoyment from Star Wars media is to watch Ben Shapiro whine about it

“First of all, no… no synthesizers, please. No synthesizers.”


A weenier man there has never been.


and, as an added bonus, this might mean the what if the confederacy won the civil war alternate history bs might not actually happen???


they can probably recycle some ideas because the current star wars timeline is basically “what if the empire won the galactic civil war”


Watching that Shapiro video has really fucked up my YouTube recommends.

If the green pig is wrong I don’t wanna be right


info wars so gradually became an unboxing channel we didn’t even notice.



Hell yes


where are the starfleet uniforms


I like most of the deleted scenes from TLJ. I wish there was a 3 hour director’s cut but there are probably tough obstacles.


I tried to blur this out but I can’t undo whatever is going on here and copy/paste to a fresh post preserved it…

Ok so I have watched TLJ twice now and here are some thoughts:

[spoiler]The entire casino/seeking out a codebreaker segment could be cut. It’s a blatant waste of time and seems like an obvious “this is what we added to make it more happy”
Luke used a force copy of himself so he wouldn’t die and then…he died?
Usually, Star Wars movies explain their big booms. So…what exactly did Holdo do? Ripped space fabric through several giant ships???

I otherwise liked the movie well enough. Which is to say, I mostly enjoyed it. Albeit is a bit rough.[/spoiler]