Let's just talk about Star Wars forever


watching this on loop looks like she’s saying “star wars” as the last line of the movie


“this has the potential to start a war… a star war.” FIN


which one is which?


Top is Rogue One, bottom is deepfakes replacing CG Carrie with samples from photographs of real Carrie.



I mean, teasers are teasers. But, I’m pretty ok with that, at face value.

His Harrison voice seems pretty good.


gambino looks fly


yeah, but that was inevitable


not with opie herding these costume cats!


if any costume designer made glover look awkward or unattractive they’d deserve an oscar on principle


Wait I thought Glover’s whole thing is that he’s a bit lame


it was until atlanta


until atlanta and also realizing he’d be better at doing a sort of p-funk/r&b thing than raps about how lame he is


Earn was pretty lame in places!



OK, that was definitely a bit better than the 45 second thing from yesterday.

It still looks weirdly like they are playing the long game and preparing audiences to accept Karl Urban as the new middle aged Solo in some kind of side-quel

But I guess Harrison Ford’s whole thing is he’s a bit inimitable, at least for Hollywood types

also Let Lando Talk damnit


While objectively this guy has zero charisma I love Eyebrow for some reason and will watch him in anything


the only reason to be excited about this would be if clint howard was involved and he doesn’t seem to be. fuck opie.


not having clint howard as an imperial officer is some bullshit


Clint Howard was born to make a cameo as some dude in the inevitable Catina sequence.