Let's just talk about Star Wars forever


I dunno if anyone has said this in here but: I just found out that China never had a theatrical run of the original trilogy, until 2015!! I would like to read a straightforward summary on why that is!


I guess a sort of space p-funk/soul thing similar to what he was doing on his latest album would be more appropriate for Lando

He’s better at that than rapping anyway!


Because it features Magic dude. No movies could feature magic.


That’s patently untrue and also a far more recent rule that was frequently misreported by the western press


afaik film foreign film distro in china before 1994 was uh. “obscure” and most films were only released there on an unofficial (pirated) basis. after that there was a quota of how many fully foreign produced* movies could be released there every year, with a profit-sharing system set up that has changed a bit over time. it’s not many, like 10 or 12. censorship concerns certainly played a role in what films were selected to be officially released, but i have a feeling that with star wars they just figured since they missed out the first time around they wouldn’t have the audience for it with the prequels.

that said it wasn’t totally unknown there. i’m sure plenty of people were still able to pirate stuff, or had connections to get access to various things. star wars was released in hong kong, and probably some stills used to promote that movie are the way people were able to write those zany comic book adaptations

*afaik this is also why there are so many more co-productions with chinese companies these days, if it’s a transnational coproduction it’s treated differently.


The prequels came out officially! And flopped!


ah cool. Didn’t know that!


If my first exposure to Star Wars was the prequels, I wouldn’t want to watch more, either.


I’m not sure what “magic dude” is?

Chinese folklore has tons of magic. But it isn’t CHINESE magic I guess, so I get it. But I don’t get it.


Tulpa and u_u came in right under and owned me with real knowledge.


Today I had the sudden, extremely strong realization TLJ said fucking nothing about the Knights of Ren.

It’s going to be hilarious if they just never actually explain that ever. I kinda hope they don’t.


Disney’s holding back on paying that one off until they buy Nickelodeon. They we get a full Knights of Ren Hoek movie.




everything rian does makes me like him more and more

if we have do suffer through indy 5 anyway, they should let him do it


Darth Kadoogan




v. good

When they came to the place in which the princess’s army should have been they saw nothing. They wondered what became of them. In the sky they saw a flock of birds, rising over clouds of mist and the shining moon in the middle of the sky.(8)

“Tell me, Eogan”, said Finn, “what are those birds and clouds and moon? For the sun is shining and it is not yet dark.” Cenn Obi replied, “They are not birds but the clods of earth thrown up by the horses of Da Thféider’s army. They are not clouds but the fierce and manly breathing and exhaling of Da Thféider’s men”, he said “That’s no moon. It’s the shining eye of Da Thféider himself that can destroy an army with a single glare.” Before they could flee they were beset by men from Da Thféider’s army and brought as prisoners into the camp.


Oh no that’s so entertaining


r/deepfakes outdid ILM god damn