Let’s start a cooperative


I can tell you right now that if I have to pay in, that’s gonna mean I’m out. I can’t even afford the taxes on my current job

I can barely afford “free”


I think its consistent with the broad values of our community to grant hardship wavers to people who can’t afford to buy in. We could even make the cost of a buy in be proportional to income or some other scheme.

We are in control.


I make 250-300 a month, before taxes and SS


It would be embarrassing to disclose how much money I make here but I will do it if we want to go ahead.

How should share pricing work if we do an employee-owned cooperative?

  • Fixed Share Cost
  • Hardship Wavers
  • Scaled Share Cost Based on Income

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I keep trying to make a post about my skills and I keep being stopped by my self-loathing and depression that makes me feel like nothing but a burden.



We love you Hache and there isn’t any reason to apologize.


Can rhyme all the time unlike a mime who rode the lime while watching some dime made out of crime…


I’ll design and run a tabletop rpg for you in short notice. This is my only skill, my only talent.


Okay let’s give this a go.

I can…

Make games in:

  • HaxeFlixel
  • Twine
  • Bitsy

Learning to use:

  • Python
  • Godot
  • inky

Moderately good at:

  • Image manipulation in that Gnu program
  • Basic video editing in Windows Movie Maker
  • General troubleshooting
  • Canadian personal & self-employed income taxes
  • Tabletop RPG writing

There. Did it.


I believe this is actually a marketable skill.


These skills are good and cool! Welcome!


This is also a good skill - did you know I wrote dozens of poems for Corpse Wizard?


it absolutely is not

I will never make marketable games


there will be no market after revolution, comrade


Can u explain these options before we vote?


Yeah, sure:

We want the cooperative to have working capital, which we will raise in part by selling shares. Because we are employee owned, you can’t be an employee without owning a share. In an ideal universe where everyone had the same financial means, we’d set a share price and all by in for the same amount of money.

However, we know that financial means aren’t evenly distributed. There are a few ways to make the process of becoming an employee-owner more just. One is to determine, on a case by case basis, whether a potential employee-owner has financial hardships which justify a partial or full waiver of the ordinary share price.

Another way is to make it a condition of joining that you reveal your current income, and we develop a fixed scheme which maps income to share price. That way someone making 50k a year would pay say 50 dollars for their buy in, but someone making 25k a year might only pay 25 or less (linearity is probably not right, but it is an easy example).


Also, this is just my suggestion for how it might work. Given that this is a democratic organization, we might want to work out the details procedurally before we do this vote.


I voted hardship wavers but I’m okay with a scaled model too.


the real thing we need to do is create polls that aren’t first-past-the-post so i can vote for the scaled model as my first choice and hardship as my second thx


I’m open to any kind of voting, though there is a lot to be said for simplicity.

Here are some resources - anyone want to go through this stuff with me?